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Host of ‘ The Grayzone ‘ , the award winning Jewish investigative journalist Aaron Mate , interviews Noura Erakat here :


The following piece on the new deal between Palestine & Israel brokered by Donald Trump is a great read:

Trump’s ‘No-Peace/Peace Plan’ for Palestine. Netanyahu/Gantz Invited to White House To Discuss “Deal of the Century”

Lest anyone consider this article anti-Semitic, note that author – the always insightful & prolific author Stephen Lendman – is himself Jewish .


Friends of Sabeel, Australia, join the rest of the world in distaining the US President’s ‘Deal of the Century’ as a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The fact that no Palestinian was involved in the formulation of the proposal, nor was present when it was unveiled, is indicative of the fact that the US and Israeli leaders prepared their deal for domestic consumption. It offers nothing to the Palestinian people – no land, no real sovereignty, and no right of return for refugees. It is, as some commentators have suggested, the Monty Python parody of Israel-Palestine peace initiatives.

Friends of Sabeel, Australia, stands with the Palestinian people in the fundamental demands as outlined in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) program:

  • An end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian lands
  • Equal rights for Arabs in Israel
  • The right of return for refugees

No meaningful deal can be made with the Palestinian people that does not address these basic demands.

Father Dave Smith, President of Friends of Sabeel, Australia, said “If Mr Trump wants to make a deal with the Palestinian people, he needs to actually deal with the Palestinian people and their demands. This one-sided parody of a peace initiative does nothing to move us closer to a just settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict”.