Beware the Fighting Father from Australia


The fanciful dialogue below is courtesy of Father Roy. He gives me far too much credit of course, but some of the articles he links to (such as the one on ‘Israel’s Negotiating Strategies’) are definitely worth looking at.  Dave

Click here:… JPost – Diplomacy & Politics

(WHISPER)   “Bibi, Fr. Dave Smith is becoming a dangerous man.  He advocates statehood for Palestine.  He circulates Uri Avnery’s essays.  He networks with an Imam in Tehran.  He’s supportive of Mordechi Vanunu, and he’s friendly with Miko Peled.  What’s more, he admires Julian Assange.  He’s got an extensive international mailing list.  He rejects conventional behavoir.  We’ve got to find ways to discredit this renegade Priest before he exposes Israel’s Negotiating Strategies.”

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