Comic Relief for a World Weary of Needless Wars


Comic Relief for a World Weary of Needless Wars

The N.E.M.


The President and Michelle are sitting at the White House breakfast table deep in thought.   President: I’ve decided that the time has come to invite Dante to the White House for talks.   Michelle: I’ve asked him if he would be open to an invitation, Hon, but he says he’s too busy working on his dissertation.  He says he’s determined to get his PhD asap so that he can apply for a position at the UN.   President: What’s his dissertation about?   Michelle:  The title is “Sharing Jerusalem”.  He says he has a vocation to do all he can to help prevent another world war and thereby avoid a global backlash against Jews which nobody wants.   President: Tell me more about his dissertation.

Michelle:  Well, he first of all makes the distinction between Judaism and Zionism which is not an easy thing to do.  See:  60 Minutes on Israel 1 of 2 – YouTube.  Then he makes the case that Christians who live in the Holy Land are Palestinians.   President: It’s astonishing to notice how many Christians in America are not aware of that simple fact.   Michelle: Then he makes the case that Christians and Muslims suffer together under Israel’s occupation.  Then he compares and contrasts the world view of  Uri Avnery (03:29) with the mindset (in concrete) of Benjamin Netanyahu and suggests that Israel needs a regime change.  Then he discusses the influence Israel’s Lobby has on the US Congress, building mostly on Jeff Blankfort’s work as Jeff builds on Paul Findley’s work.  Then he discusses the mainstream media and….


President: That’s enough for now.   President: What does Dante regard as the major obstacle to peace in the Holy Land?   Michelle:  The Swarm.   President: If Dante is too busy to come to the White House for talks, assure him that I appreciate his suggestions and the suggestions of his Allies, as well:  Contact the White House.





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