Have the chickens come home to roost?


I have reprinted below an email from my friend, Ali Baghdadi (with permission).

Ali is a sincere and articulate Muslim man, and I think he explains the case for Islam against the West very well.

This article is not directly about Israel/Palestine, and yet injustices in the ‘Holy Land’ are at the very heart of the grievances of Muslims against the West worldwide.

You don’t have to agree with every word Ali says to appreciate the sobering reality he is pointing to. Are the chickens finally coming home to roost?

Father Dave

Ali Baghdadi

Chicken Come Home to Roost

Defaming the Prophet of Islam Cannot Pass Unnoticed

By: Ali Baghdadi

The killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi Libya and three of his colleagues, reminds us of a powerful and expressive statement made by  Malcolm X of the Nation of Islam, in the aftermath of the assassination of President John Kennedy, “Chicken come home to roost”.  This simply means that, sooner or later, the violence that America carries out abroad turns against it.

I have met with these brave fighters,… They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation.  We should help them.” – Senator John McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011.

Those “brave fighters” are the killers of the US diplomats, who were among thousands of demonstrators protesting a US produced movie, “The Innocence of Muslims”, mocking, defaming and abusing the Prophet of Islam, are in reality allies, a creation and a tool of the US government.  They belong to al-Qaeda, a group that the United States and Saudi intelligence dearly love, finance, arm, train and rely on for doing their dirty work.  The claim that al-Qaeda is a US enemy is a lie and a smoke screen designed to mislead public opinion.

The violent demonstrations and turmoil targeting US embassies and consulates spread like wild fire to most Muslim countries.  The Prophet of Islam is a red line that must not be crossed.  He captures the esteem and veneration of over 1.5 billion people worldwide, and accusing him as a murderer, homosexual, and child molester provokes the great majority of his followers.  It cannot pass unnoticed.  Millions of men and women are prepared to give their lives in the defense of the “last Messenger of God” whom “He sent as a mercy to mankind”.

At present, with the help and direction of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, al-Qaeda forces located in Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, Chechnya and other parts of the world, are entrusted with a new task.  They are ordered to go to Syria through neighboring countries and join other al-Qaeda terrorists to bring the “un-Islamic” government of President Bashar al-Assad down.  When Syria presented international organizations with documentation showing the brutal hit and run actions carried out by al-Qaeda terrorists, the US government acknowledged their presence.  It was recently reported that “Tariq al-Fadhli, jihadist leader of Southern Yemen insurgency and a man trained by Bin Laden, has successfully negotiated with US and Saudi officials to send 5,000 fighters via Turkey to aid Syrian rebels”.  Syria, with Iranian support, is the last Arab fortress that refuses to succumb to Israeli and Western hegemony.

Al-Qaeda was used earlier to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, through an ugly and savage war led by the NATO forces.  Over 160,000 Libyans lost their lives, and more than 200,000 were injured or maimed.  Libya’s infrastructure was destroyed and Libya as a state lost its sovereignty and independence.  All now agree that the war was for oil, greed and dominance and it had nothing to do with freedom and democracy.

Al-Qaeda has been on the United States payroll in Iraq and several other countries for over 30 years.  To keep Iraq in turmoil, al-Qaeda, Salafi and Wahhabi “Muslims”, have been planting bombs that target their fellow Shiite Muslims.

The movie, which is actually part of a crusade led by Israel and the West, is intended to dehumanize Muslims.

The enemies of Islam and its adherents seem to have a short memory.  Muslims don’t.  The burning of the Quran in Florida by a Christian priest, the urination on the Quran and Muslim dead in Afghanistan by US soldiers, the cartoons to demonize and malign Prophet Muhammad by a Danish “artist”, and the water boarding of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and other parts of the world by US interrogators, are not easily forgotten.  The “War on Terror” that took over a million lives in Iraq since the US 2003 invasion, as well as the unlimited US support of Israel, explain the degree of rage, anger, indignation and hate Muslims have for the United States government and its allies.

Muslims demand an apology from the US and the arrest and trial of the producers and financiers who are responsible for the death of US diplomats, as well as the thousands of casualties among Muslim demonstrators.  Muslims argue that freedom of speech should not mean insulting the faith of others.  If it is against the law In Europe and even here in California to question the “holocaust”, it is more appropriate to make it illegal to show contempt to religious belief of any group.

Instead of understanding and recognizing the sensibilities of Muslims for an act that she herself labels as “disgusting and reprehensible”, US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, describes the rage of millions of Muslims across the globe as “tyranny of the mob”, that Muslim leaders should use the utmost force to quell.

The US is deploying warships to Libyan and Egyptian shores. It is reported that US Special Forces have already entered Libya, and US drones have been flown in Libyan air space.  Marines are being sent to bolster US presence in the Middle East.

Those who hide their heads in the sand, and pretend to not see or hear; those who attempt to not remember the recent past; those who do not learn from history, will be doomed to repeat its mistakes, over and over again.  It is tragic! 

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September 17, 2012

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