How our Lawmakers in Washington get bought by Special Interest Groups

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It’s knowing the truth that will make all of us free.

The N.E.M.




       AIPAC and CUFI are playing hardball.  So must we.  Thanks to my neighbor, George, a retired Professor of Accounting, for sharing today’s video.


       As Germany’s Otto von Bismarck might well have said, “People are generally happier when they don’t know how sausages and laws are made.”  Well, perhaps Americans have been too happy for too many years.  Ignorance (not knowing) may be bliss, but ignorance doesn’t solve our country’s problems.  Neither does apathy (not caring).


      All of us know the story of Capitol Hill’s most notorious lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.  Abramoff was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey into a wealthy and prominent Jewish family.  We all admire the work of Lesley Stahl at CBS News.   Lesley was born in Lynn Massachusetts of Jewish heritage.  This interview is an eye-opener:  The Lobbyist’s Playbook – 60 Minutes – CBS News (14:53).  The video won’t console you, but it might challenge you to help find ways to remedy the problem.  There’s a postscript.





P.S.   Peers, you will notice that Leslie uses the word rationalization in this interview.  Freud taught that the ego defense mechanisms are altogether “unconscious”.     

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