Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists

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There’s a new video making the rounds on the Internet:  Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists (10:05).

Thanks to Ali, my Septuagenarian friend on AOL for circulating this video.  Ali lives and writes and teaches in the Chicago area.  Ali is a Muslim, and he has a mailing list as extensive as the Arab World.

My Allies and I are giving this video the widest possible circulation on the Internet.  There’s a postscript for those of you who believe in miracles.




P.S.  Christians believe that Christ will come again.  (Here’s food for thought.  Does that mean that Jesus will return the way He departed, i.e., riding on a cloud”?  Or shall we teach that the Mind of Christ is ever incarnating?)  Muslims are expecting “The One” or “The One Who Is To Come” to be sent by God to explain Islam in such a way that the whole world will understand.  Observant Jews are waiting for the long-expected Messiah to come and “ransom captive Israel which mourns in lonely exile here.”  There’s a New Idea floating around Cyberspace these days.  A “Messianic Age” is approaching in which Christians, Muslims and Jews will all participate.  The Zeitgeist is evolving under our very noses.  The Winds of Change are blowing in the right direction.  Peers, we live in exciting times.


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