Tell your Member of Parliament: “Justice for Palestinians first. Negotiations later – maybe”


Note:   Stuart Littlewood plays hardball in the UK.   Peace, Roy

Article Stuart Littlewood posted on…, October 11, 2011.
Stuart Littlewood challenges his Member of Parliament, Henry Bellingham, to provide a rational and truthful explanation of Britain’s continuing support for the non-existent “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians in preference to the rule of law – or justice and liberty.

Law, justice, liberty and human rights, we were taught, are non-negotiable. Perhaps Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and William Hague missed that important part of their education.

Restore the Palestinians’ lands, homes and resources, as required by law, by convention and by numerous United Nations resolutions, then see what’s left to negotiate. That is the route to peace.

If Israel digs its heels in, the UN knows what to do. It must resort to sanctions, obviously, like it does against any other delinquent nation. This will be a simple test of the great organization’s high-minded principles, and for its not-so-high-minded members. If it cannot rise to the moral challenge it doesn’t deserve to survive. And the world is doomed.

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