The time has come to expose the NEOCONs


Father Roy writes: The article pasted below was published in The Weekly Standard and carries the headline:  "The Coming Attack on Iran".  The implication of the headline is that the matter of another war has already been decided.  We shall see about that.

The Editor of the Weekly Standard is William Kristol whom we know from FOX News.  Kristol is also Chairman of the Project for the New American Century.  Read PNAC’s Statement of Principles.  Notice how subtle and seductive language can be.  Scroll down on that page and find signatures of people you know.

It’s necessary that we make connections in our thinking.  Please watch this video again:  General Wesley Clark (08:15).  Clark’s remarks are confirmed in the article pasted below.

The Coming Attack on Iran

When an irresistible force meets an immovable object, something’s gotta give.

Feb 2, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 22 • By TOD LINDBERG

 The United States and Iran have been on a collision course since the Iranian revolution in 1979, when elements of the newly proclaimed Islamic Republic took U.S. diplomats and Tehran embassy personnel hostage. U.S. relations with Iran have been bad ever since. The focus in recent years has been the Iranian program to develop a nuclear weapon, but the backdrop is Iran as a growing regional threat, not only to Israel and to U.S. and allied interests in the Persian Gulf region, but also to the many Sunni governments of the Gulf, which fear an increasingly powerful Shiite government in Tehran.

Photo of A Zelzal missile launched outside Qom, Iran, June 2011

A Zelzal missile launched outside Qom, Iran, June 2011

Meanwhile, Iran props up the Assad dictatorship in Syria, meddles in Lebanon through the Hezbollah militia, supports the radical Hamas regime in Gaza, and seeks to expand its divisive clout in neighboring Iraq, a task made easier by the decision of the Obama administration to end the deployment of U.S. combat forces there. The picture that emerges is of an Iran that is not so much a problem but the problem of the broader Middle East, eclipsing even the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The Coming Attack on Iran | The Weekly Standard

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