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Note:  Palestine needs a unity government that represents all the people of Palestine.  Netanyahu will work overtime to prevent it.  Hasbara has already demonized Hamas beyond recognition.  The highlights in the article pasted below are mine.  The situation in the Holy Land is getting more exciting every day.   Peace, Roy

Published Monday 26/09/2011 (updated) 28/09/2011 22:12 from www.maannews.net….


GAZA CITY (AFP) – Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Monday called for an inter-Palestinian strategic dialogue to decide on a joint strategy for establishing a Palestinian state.

“We are in favor of a strategic dialogue that will lead to a joint strategy regarding Palestine and activating the reconciliation we signed,” he told reporters, referring to a unity deal between Hamas and its Fatah rivals which was signed in May but has yet to be implemented.

His remarks were made just days after President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas went to the United Nations to formally request that the world body grant full membership to a Palestinian state.

Although Gaza’s Hamas rulers did not actively oppose the move to seek UN membership, they say they were not consulted over the decision and have argued that it had “no substance” because it would not achieve concrete results in ending the Israeli occupation.

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Note:  It may be necessary to click on the link to watch the video.  While Miko is in Australia this month, he will speak at the Church in Sydney where Fr. David Smith is Rector.   Peace, Roy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 By Niko LekaPip Hinman from www.greenleft.org….au.

Israeli activist and author Miko Peled (pictured), currently touring Australia, is convinced that the Israel-Palestine conflict can be solved.

But, he told public meetings in Sydney and Newcastle, he doesn’t believe that it will happen while the government of Israel remains committed to Zionism (the maintenance of Israel as an exclusively “Jewish” state) and continues its ethnic cleansing operation by moving Palestinians off their land.

“It is not some inexorable process of nature,” Peled said. “It is a conflict between people, and it is therefore something over which people can have control.”

Peled was raised in a prominent Zionist family in Jerusalem. His grandfather, Dr Avraham Katsnelson, was a Zionist leader and signatory to the May 14, 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Katsnelson was also a member of Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party of Palestine that, in 1946, was the sole Zionist political organisation in Palestine at the time that recognised the national rights of the Palestinian Arabs

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Note:   The report pasted below comes from today’s news.  I highlighted four words.  Also see: Israel must annex West Bank settlements, Right-wing MKs tell Netanyahu – Haaretz. Right-wing members of the Knesset say they don’t want Israel to become Palestine’s “punching bag”.  The underlying causes of anti-Semitism must sooner or later be addressed. Peace, Roy

Article by Nir Hasson first published on 27.09.11 from haaretz.com….

The Jerusalem District Planning Committee is set to approve 1,100 new housing units in Jerusalem’s contested Gilo neighborhood on Tuesday, despite past U.S. objections concerning any construction that expanded Gilo further across the Green Line.

The plan was submitted by a subsidiary to the Jewish National Fund, and must pass 60 days in which the public may oppose it before being finally approved by Jerusalem’s planning authorities.

According to the proposal, 20 percent of the units in Jerusalem’s southern neighborhood would be allotted for young couples, in compliance with a directive by Interior Minister Eli Yishai. The plan also includes the construction of a boardwalk, public structures, and a commercial center.
Photo: ‘Construction in Gilo’ by Emil Salman

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There’s a new video making the rounds on the Internet:  Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists (10:05).

Thanks to Ali, my Septuagenarian friend on AOL for circulating this video.  Ali lives and writes and teaches in the Chicago area.  Ali is a Muslim, and he has a mailing list as extensive as the Arab World.

My Allies and I are giving this video the widest possible circulation on the Internet.  There’s a postscript for those of you who believe in miracles.




P.S.  Christians believe that Christ will come again.  (Here’s food for thought.  Does that mean that Jesus will return the way He departed, i.e., riding on a cloud”?  Or shall we teach that the Mind of Christ is ever incarnating?)  Muslims are expecting “The One” or “The One Who Is To Come” to be sent by God to explain Islam in such a way that the whole world will understand.  Observant Jews are waiting for the long-expected Messiah to come and “ransom captive Israel which mourns in lonely exile here.”  There’s a New Idea floating around Cyberspace these days.  A “Messianic Age” is approaching in which Christians, Muslims and Jews will all participate.  The Zeitgeist is evolving under our very noses.  The Winds of Change are blowing in the right direction.  Peers, we live in exciting times.



Note:  Also see MIFTAH’s website:   www.miftah.org….  Peace, Roy

Article by Joharah Baker for MIFTAH. Posted on www.miftah.org… on 03/10/2011

http://www.miftah.org/Doc/Perspectives/2011/OliveTrees031011.jpgThis morning another mosque was burned. This time it was located in a Palestinian village inside Israel, a novelty for Jewish extremists who usually target Palestinian villages in the West Bank. The mosque burning is just the last in a chain of “price tag” measures taken by bitter settlers who are angry at their government and of course at the Palestinians who are always the perfect scapegoat for their fury.

Burning mosques and copies of the Quran and scrawling offensive graffiti across Palestinian university walls and Palestinian homes are a few of the ways Jewish settlers have been waging their own war of attrition on the Palestinians – wearing them down bit by bit, pushing them out inch by inch until one day the very ground they stand on has been pulled from beneath them. That is what the “price tag” policy is all about – settlers say it is a way of taking revenge on the government for even considering the evacuation of minor settlement outposts (major settlement blocs are not even in the picture) but the ultimate goal is to wreak havoc in the lives of the Palestinians on whose land these settlers squat and to eventually drive them out.

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