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What do y’all have to say about the information provided by the report pasted below?  Peers, let us not jump to conclusions.  Let us dig deeper and take all things into consideration.  Let’s go so far as to think outside the box (don’t be afraid).  Russia says the West is planning a “Libya solution” for Syria.  Is that true?  Perhaps Russia’s position, like ours, is politically motivated.  Syria wants Israel to return the Golan Heights.  Could it be that the tail is now wagging the dog to the extent that Washington and our ea$ily-per$uaded partners in Europe have something covert planned for Syria?  If so, the American people ought to know about it.

All of us are painfully aware that there are people in this country who promote wars.  Some of these people are quite articulate.  They can be quite seductive when they talk.  These people actually want wars because they profit from them.  We know who these people are.

My Allies and I have no intentions of allowing a Libya-like conflict break out in Syria.  We’re simply not going to permit it to happen.  Today’s cartoon will explain what I’m talking about in part.  All will become clear in due time.  The cartoon’s simple message will comprehend a reference to the postscript and to the concluding paragraph of the report pasted below (highlighted).



P.S.   Here’s a fact.  Israel occupies and has settled the Golan Heights which according to International Law belongs to Syria.  Here’s another fact.  Syria has been calling for a region free of nuclear weapons for years: Syria Calls for Nuclear Free Middle East. Syria and Iran are on friendly terms.  They both don’t want outside military forces in their region.  Peers, my Allies on AOL and I regard Syria’s President Assad as an honorable man with a lovely wife who finds himself in a predicament none would envy.  The Swarm has demonized Assad beyond recognition.  Let’s dig deeper.  There are a number of things about Middle Eastern cultures which Westerners, unfortunately, find difficult to understand.  The entire situation in Syria has been mis-represented in and by the media.  Read on to learn what Russia has to say about the matter.’

West Planning Libya Solution For Syria
Moscow slams Western draft resolution on Syria

By RIA Novosti

October 22, 2011 “RIA Novosti ” —  The Western draft resolution on Syria could provoke a Libyan scenario in the country, Russian Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

He underscored that Russia is opposed to Syria sanctions.

“The Western resolution is fraught with the repetition of a Libyan scenario although its co-authors are trying to convince us otherwise,” he said.

The main problem with the document is that it lays the blame squarely at President Bashar Assad’s doorstep, which Lavrov described as a “one sided approach.”

On October 4, Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that urged the Syrian regime to immediately stop using violence against protesters or face “targeted measures.”

The draft resolution, sponsored by France with Britain, Germany and Portugal, was supported by nine of 15 Security Council members. Four others – Brazil, India, South Africa and Lebanon – abstained.

President Assad said in late August that Washington and its European partners were hindering the political changes that represent the only way out of Syria’s crisis.

See also – Documents : White House and No 10 Sought to Topple the Syrian Regime…



Note:   The writer of this essay, Dylan Ratigan plays hard ball.  But he does not lose his dignity.   Peace, Roy

Article by Dylan Ratigan from Reader Supported News posted on October 24, 2011.

It’s somewhat rare to hear a Senator tell the truth about American foreign policy, but we did get a glimpse of reality last week when Senator Lindsey Graham lustily talked about the death of Gadhafi. He said, “There’s a lot of money to be made in the future in Libya. There’s a lot of oil to be produced. Let’s get on the ground and help the Libya people establish a democracy and a functioning economy based on free market principles.”

A rebel militiaman guards a Libyan oil refinery in rebel-held territory, 02/27/11. (photo: John Moore/Getty Images)Though rare, this is not the first time a high profile American politician has accidentally told the truth about our foreign policy. In March, 2003, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told a Senate appropriations committee that the war with Iraq would be paid for by Iraqi “frozen assets” and “oil revenues.” This was not completely crazy – the first Gulf War had largely been financed by foreign countries who saw value in the oil supply lines we were protecting.

At the same time last week, the American solar industry filed a trade complaint against Chinese solar makers, who produce 55% of the world’s solar panels. They allege that China is selling its solar panels below cost, which would be consistent with the Chinese industrial policy of preparing for a post-oil world. According to Stephen Leeb’s new book “Red Alert,” China spends over $350 billion a year on renewable energy infrastructure, locking up critical supplies of zinc, silver, gold, copper, and rare earth minerals. Meanwhile, America spends its money keeping sea lanes open for dwindling oil supplies.

The Chinese are improving their skill at making solar panels, whereas American policymakers are explicitly avoiding building a post-oil energy infrastructure. Chinese elites want to secure oil and coal, of course, but they are also rapidly preparing for the day when these resources cannot be profitably extracted and used. American elites are engaged in a more short-sighted strategy of destroying any possible bridge to a post-oil energy future to protect their status quo profits. Leeb believes that this is a choice that could mark the end, not just of American dominance, but of American civilization.

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Note:  Thanks to Claudia for circulating these links.  The article I found the more educational of the two is:  Jerusalem Mayor Says World Should Leave His City Alone. From my humble perspective, Jerusalem’s Mayor sounds like an arrogant, theatrical, greedy, unpleasant sort of fellow.  What’s even worse, he plays fast and loose with the facts.  Count the number of lies he tells in each paragraph below.  Who does he think he is?  One of “God’s chosen”?  Chosen for what?  For entitlements and special privileges?  Chosen as tho he’s preferred by God over others?  I happen to believe that God does not play favorites when dealing with races and cultures.  I’ve pasted Newsweek’s article by Jerusalem’s Mayor below, beneath Claudia’s note.  I refrained from doing any highlighting, as you will see.  Peers, what’s your response to Jerusalem’s Mayor’s standpoint of view?  He refuses to share Jerusalem.   Peace, Roy

The Palestinian bid for full U.N. membership has refocused attention on the status of Jerusalem. Mayor Nir Barkat insists the city works for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike and does not need world intervention.

Article by Nir Barkat for…. Posted on September 22, 2011.


Sep 22, 2011 8:30 PM EDT

Today, Jerusalem should be and certainly is heading in the right direction. Our economy is booming, our education system is leading the country in reforms, and Christians, Jews, and Muslims work together, conduct business and trade together, live together, and enjoy the freedom of movement better than ever before.

Jerusalem is an open city for the 3.5 billion people of faith around the world to come visit and then return home as ambassadors of peace. Indeed, Jerusalem has become a top destination for global tourism. In 2010, tourism increased by 24 percent and the trends continue this year.

We are experiencing a renaissance in culture and creating new opportunities for young adults—from all sectors of society. We have a new light-rail train that is making the city more accessible and reducing pollution. It links residential neighborhoods to areas of commerce, elementary schools to tourist attractions and cultural institutions, and soon, to our hospitals.

The municipality of Jerusalem is working in cooperation with community leaders in the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities and investing millions of dollars to close gaps in infrastructure, education, and community services in Arab and ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

Jerusalem’s hospitals and health-care clinics are excellent examples of coexistence. They attract patients from all different backgrounds, all parts of Jerusalem, all parts of Israel, and all corners of the world. Moreover, despite what you may see on the news, Jerusalem is one of the safest cities in the world, far safer than America’s major cities!

Jerusalem must stay a united, undivided capital under Israeli sovereignty.

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Note: Rupert Murdoch owns, among other things, FOX News.  He’s the darling of the NEOCONs.  Study their ideology.  When you hear NEOCONs talking on TV, notice the subtle way they promote wars.  They benefit from wars.  They profit from them.   Peace, Roy

Article by Michael Wolff, Guardian UK for….  Posted on October 22, 2011.

He was as combative, up against it and past his prime as 2011’s other fallen tyrants. This was likely his last shareholders’ meeting.

nder normal circumstances, Rupert Murdoch doesn’t have much patience for the annual shareholders’ meetings that are required by law of American public companies. He regards them as a farce, because they cannot change the outcome in a company where a voting majority is secure, and as an exercise in liberal corporate law designed to put him personally on the spot.

Still, his handlers, whose job is, in part, to protect him from himself, have long made him train for these meetings as though he’s going into a presidential debate. Without rigorous practice, he is quite liable to not pay attention and appear quite bewildered, or pay too much attention and explode in fury, or worse, truthful exasperation.


Newspapers in Melbourne on July 21, 2011, with coverage dominated by Rupert Murdoch's appearance before a British parliamentary committee. (photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images)Newspapers in Melbourne on July 21, 2011, with coverage dominated by Rupert Murdoch’s appearance before a British parliamentary committee. (photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images)

“He’s going to keep asking me why there are no women on the board,” Murdoch once told me as his PR aide, Gary Ginsberg, was trying to cajole him into a practice session. “He wants to make sure I don’t say, ‘because they talk too much.'”

The fine line at News Corp has always been between Murdoch’s almost deadset insistence that he be able to treat the company as his private preserve, and his handlers’ (lawyers, CFOs, press people) more straightforward understanding that it is, in fact, a public company.

On this basic issue, push could not have come more to shove than at Friday’s meeting. The fundamental sham of a public company – one run first and foremost by and for the Murdoch family, and countenanced by one of the famous quiescent corporate boards in American business – was being challenged by long-oppressed but newly galvanised shareholders.

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Does everybody remember the way the troubadour used to sing: “The eyes go reconnoitering for what the soul doth require”?  He was singing subjectively, of course, about his personal need for a woman.  But the same song can be sung with objectivity in reference to the Holy Land issues.  Let’s find examples in nature.  An individuated Human Being has an in-born need for holy things to be included in his or her life.  Peers, have you noticed?  Peacemakers seem to have been created with an invisible hunger and thirst which is truly ineffable even when recognized as what it is. Thus, the paradoxology of the mystery that we celebrate. Thus, the International Debate that’s in progress, thanks God.

The phrase “OCCUPY JERUSALEM” was sudden in coming into use.  It was inevitable that it would, tho.  It must be emphasized from the start that the new OJ is a peaceful one.  The movement towards peace has been in progress and building for a long, long time.  We now seem to be moving collectively, consciously, inevitably, with a common purpose, and towards a common goal.  See how one Methodist has been exercising her ministry in the Holy Land and continues still: Lissa Caldwell.  Notice what the VIM program is all about.  Pasted below is an example of a Lutheran exercising her ministry with Lutheran gusto.  Ann is a communications specialist.  She networks thruout the ELCA and thruout the WCC, as well.  She also facilitates off-line adult discussion groups in her area of Texas.  We all must admire the courageous work the Presbyterians are doing to facilitate the peace.  PCUSA is under swarm attack from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  The attack is an insult to a person’s intelligence.  Have you ever in all your life heard a more ridiculous, a more theatrical, a more misleading cheap shot than that one?  What nonsense!  What rubbish!  Well, we don’t have time to get depressed about it.

A list of true Peacemakers would be a long list indeed.  One can only mention one’s favorites.  I’ve a vocation to promote Cotton’s (in-house) work at PIN to motivate Episcopalians to become more robust when speaking out about the Holy Land issues.  If I had my way … which I seldom do … ECUSA’s House of Bishops would find a worthy role model in CMEP’s Executive Director, Ambassador Warren Clark.  Cotton and Warren are always happy to hear from folks.  Their e-mail addresses are… and… respectively.   Read on to learn where Ann is today.  Ann is an integral part of the new OJ movement whether she calls it that or not.  BTW…  What shall we call the OJ movement?  The IOJM?  The NIOJM?  We need a noun to abbreviate.  OJI (occupy Jerusalem internationally) can be used as a verb.



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Posted: 25 Oct 2011 02:48 AM PDT

Dear friends, I am on a little time-out as I visit friends following meetings in Jerusalem related to my work with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

I noticed this article from Christian Peacemaker Teams.  Last week I made a day trip to Hebron and Yatta and other parts of the south Hebron hills, and I saw the devastating effects of draught and lack of access to water – so Reinhard Kober’s article struck me.

Al Khalil (Hebron): Water shortage – a daily Palestinian experience
by Reinhard Kober

Abu Jamal is head of a well known family in Halhul, to the north of Al Khalil. It is a beautiful town, on top of a hill, surrounded by fields and lovely gardens. Like other cities in the Palestinian controlled area A it’s population has grown from some 3.000 in the sixties to 30.000 now. Because of this, the infrastructure must expand greatly. Every year there is a need to open a new school.

Living east of the green line border Abu Jamal and his sons, as many other people, lost the possibility to work in Israel. Developing their own business, they invested in greenhouses, cultivated eggplants and tomatoes and were generally successful, at least at first. But that has changed . When asked him how farming is going, he shrugs his shoulders, and his face shows immediately, that things are becoming worse. “We don’t have the water we need. Just three hours of water access per week is not enough. Buying water in tanks is too expensive. We can’t do anything.”

Listening him I am reminded of my last walk to the vegetable market in Al Khalil / Hebron. When the Israel army shut down the old market next to the Avraham Avenu settlement, which violats the Sharm-Al-Sheikh agreement between Israel and Palestine, the entire city suffered. Reading piles of boxes with Hebrew labels, you get an idea of how Israeli companies make much profit by taking advantage of the inadequate water resources. According OCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) and an Amnesty International report Palestinians are denied next to their own water aquifer, which is under their own land. On average Israelis use 300 liters of water per day, Palestinians only 60 liters. Palestinians are not even allowed to dig their own wells. The situation in area C, which is controlled by Israeli forces is worse. Cisterns, which collect rainwater, are often destroyed by the Israeli army, to make life in this area more difficult. An official said: “It’s easy to make the fields bloom in dry areas (in Israel) when you deny others the use of their own water. “

For Abu Jamal it is important that his children get good education. He wants them to study in Abu Dis University, which is very expensive. That’s why he is risking a lot, sneaking across the border to earn money with an illegal job in Israel and sleeping without a shelter. On the one hand he finished his report, saying again: “What we can do?” On the other hand I am still thinking, he is still hoping for a better future for his growing family – not giving up.

— —

These issues of water deprivation, loss of economic opportunity and injustice do not get much attention in the conventional media. Please do more reading on this and encourage others to be informed.  See the most recent OCHA Protection of Civilians Weekly Report (it’s a pdf file).

— — —

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