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Note:   Thanks to Janet Lewis for circulating the following words of encouragement.  I highlighted a paragraph.  Thanks, also, to Ann Hafften for posting this Statement from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem on her blog.   Peace, Roy

Thursday, Sept 22

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, September 21, has annually been designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace. It is also, coincidentally or purposely, the International Day of Prayer. Last evening in the town of Beit Sahour near Bethlehem we held an interfaith prayer service in the grotto of the Shepherd’s Field on the land of the YMCA. (Note that ‘interfaith” in this instance refers to Christians and Muslims since it is against Israeli law for Israeli Jews to enter the area. I guess this is what the Israeli government considers “co-existence:” i.e. You live on your side of the wall and we’ll live on ours and we will co-exist on opposite sides.)

Tomorrow, Friday, as most of you know, Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, will go to the UN to present a petition for the recognition of a Palestine state. Already the Israeli security has been heightened and the checkpoints have been closed intermittently. I will not even attempt to come into Bethlehem tomorrow since I know the checkpoint will be closed all day (especially since evening will be the beginning of Shabbat.)

It is extremely encouraging to note that demonstrations have continued to be non-violent as the Palestinian people heed the call of their elected officials to refrain from confrontation in this extremely sensitive time. The wave of non-violent resistance is swelling and will hopefully become a tidal wave that the U.S. and Israeli governments can no longer ignore. Change will happen. Change must happen. God does not allow injustices to continue indefinitely.

I am sending this statement below which is from Open Windows, an organization that participated in the pray event yesterday. I am also requesting that we continue to be in prayer for the Palestinian people and their efforts to have freedom and recognition of their right to self-determination as outlined by the International Declaration of Human Rights in what is left of their homeland, the West Bank and Gaza.

Feel free to contact me at my home email: Jlahrlewis@yahoo.com…

Yours in Christ,

Janet Lahr Lewis

UM Liaison in Palestine and Israel

To read the statement from Ann Hafften click here.

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