A Challenge for Glenn Beck

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“The Kingdom of God is within our reach.”
A Teaching of Jesus
“The Peace of Jerusalem is within our reach.”
A Project of The N.E.M.
      Those of you who have visited my new website … Striving For Peace In The Holy Land … have noticed that I’m doing a mini-series on Glenn Beck.  I’ll be adding to it.  My Allies on AOL and I agree that it would facilitate justice in the Holy Land immeasurably if all of us were to focus on Glenn Beck for a while.  And give him some attention.  And listen carefully to what he has to say.  So that we can understand what he’s teaching.  Beck has a “following”.  You’ve all heard by now that he’s enroute to Jerusalem.  He has the backing of a well-financed Christian Zionist organization called Christians United for Israel:  www.cufi.org….  Beck will be in Jerusalem on 24 August, and he’s sure to cause a sensation.
      From the perspective of my Allies and me, a good time for action is NOW.  Peers, our task is to offer an intelligent alternative way of interpreting scripture to our fellow Christians.  A way with more depth and breath than the interpretation Beck, Pastor Hagee and others are teaching.  We have the intelligence to do it.  Don’t we?  (Please don’t doubt.)  We have the resources to do it, too.  Let’s use the Internet, for Christ’s sake.  Here’s a sentence from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer which will encourage us:  “God has blessed us with reason, memory and skill.”
      For purely practical purposes, let’s re-focus on Glenn Beck.  CUFI’s annual summit will commence on Monday July 18.  That’s today:  Christians United for Israel – 2011 Washington Summit.  Beck will be the Keynote Speaker.  Let’s watch the summit’s videos as they appear on CUFI’s website.  These folks will be showing their true colors.  Let’s compare and contrast the teachings of CUFI with the teachings of the Churches for Middle East Peace, i.e., with the teachings of the mainstream, traditional Christian denominations who are working together to make the Peace of Jerusalem a fact on the ground.  The numerous denominations have a central resource:  www.cmep.org….  Some of us may wish to connect directly with CMEP’s Director.  Former Ambassador Warren is in a position to answer our questions and welcome our suggestions, simultaneously.  His e-mail address is: warren@cmep.org….  What we need, Peers, is an education program that is intelligent enough and interesting enough to reach all the way to our folks in the pews.  (My Allies on AOL and I have a few ideas about education.)  Here’s a curious fact.  Our Church leaders have already taken a stand on the Holy Land issues … but … unfortunately … the folks in our pews seem not to have heard about it.  I don’t believe that the problem is ignorance and/or apathy on anybody’s part.  There’s a disconnect in communications someplace.  Not to worry, Peers.  We can find ways to remedy the situation.  So let not our hearts be troubled.  When Christians work together as conscious, committed, caring Individuals, we somehow learn what the Orthodox teach:  “Together, we are wise.”  There’s a postscript.
P.S.   Peers, I would wager that the average person who went to Church today is unaware that Christians who live in the Holy Land are Palestinians.  And that Christians and Muslims suffer together under Israel’s occupation.  I would bet the farm that only a minority of Christians in the USA are aware of that fact. Talk around.  Notice for yourselves.  Please prove me wrong.

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