An update on the Bulgarian Bus Bombing

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Peers,let’s put our heads together and do some serious thinking.  Before we find ourselves in another world war which nobody wants.  Please read this report:  Israel blames Iran for Bulgaria bombing.  Now read this report:  Iran blames Israel for Bulgaria Bombing.  The Prime Minister of Bulgaria refuses to support either claim.  Bulgaria’s position is stated clearly in the paper trail:  “We do not want to get involved in this long-standing conflict, as we are very vulnerable.”  “Let’s wait for evidence to support such claims.”

A few days ago Netanyahu was pointing his finger at Hezbollah.  Nasrallah responded:  “Hezbollah doesn’t target Israeli tourists in foreign lands.  We target Israel’s military when it’s occupying Lebanon.”  Peers, when we think about it, it’s unlikely that an Arab group was responsible for the bombing.  Arab groups usually take responsibility for their militant activities, which helps to explain a news report from yesterday:  EU refuses Israeli request to blacklist Hezbollah.

Thinking is hard work, Peers, but somebody has got to do it.  If not us… who?   If not now… when?   Please read on. Peace, Roy

Note:   The highlights in the following report are mine.  I highlighted the concluding paragraph.   Peace, Roy

Click here: BBC News – Bulgaria blast: Burgas bus bomber ‘part of group’

24 July 2012 Last updated at 11:36 ET

Bulgaria blast: Burgas bus bomber ‘part of group’

Israel’s tourism minister paid his respects to the bomb victims at the site of the blast on Tuesday

The suicide bomber who killed six people in Bulgaria last week was part of a sophisticated group of conspirators, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said.

He said the group had arrived in Bulgaria a month before the attack.

But he declined to back Israeli claims that Iran and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah played a role.

Five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver died in last Wednesday’s bombing in Burgas on the Black Sea.

The identity of the man who carried out the bombing remains unclear.

As well as those killed, dozens of people were wounded in the blast.

Israeli Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov laid a wreath at the bomb site during a memorial ceremony on Tuesday.

Mr Borisov, who was speaking in Sofia alongside White House counter-terrorism chief John Brennan, said the US was supporting Bulgaria’s investigation into the attack.

Mr Borisov did not say exactly how many people had been involved in the conspiracy he described, but he said they had been “exceptionally skilled” and operated under “strict conspiracy rules” to keep the plot hidden.

Those involved used “leased vehicles, they moved in different cities so as not to be seen together, and no two of them can be seen in one place on any security camera”.

“There was absolutely no chance of preventing such an act of violence,” the prime minister insisted.

“We could have only detected it by chance or if we had been informed by the services that such activities were under way in Bulgaria.”

Shortly after the bombing, Bulgarian authorities released CCTV images of the man they believed carried out the bombing, but they appeared to contrast with some witness descriptions.

Mr Borisov said authorities had shared fingerprints and DNA samples with other security services but no match had been found, and the man’s identity remained elusive.

But he added that they knew “when he arrived, the presumed flight and where it came from”, reported AFP news agency.

Mr Borisov also refused to back Israeli claims of involvement by Iran or Hezbollah, saying “we do not want to get involved in this long-standing conflict as we are very vulnerable”.

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