Anti-Zionist or Anti-Semitic – Rev. Stephen Sizer?

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Father Roy writes: The following article was published in today’s Jerusalem Post.  Weed thru the hasbara.  Jewish groups in the UK are accusing the Rev’d Stephen Sizer of “anti-Semitism”.  A formal complaint has been filed in the Church.  It’s a familiar scenario.

Make a value judgement for yourselves, Peers.  Take a look at Stephen’s website.  Some of his writings can be found at a website which was built by Christian Evangelicals:  Challenging Christian Zionism and Apocalyptic Rapture Teachings.  Watch a few of Stephen’s videos on YouTube:  stephen sizer – AOL Search Results.  From my humble perspective, honesty is a prerequisite for effective interfaith dialogue.  It’s pushback time.

Jewish Groups in the UK are making a big issue out of Stephen’s case.  From my perspective, it’s the underlying issue that needs publicity.  I’ve written to Sami Joseph asking whether there’s one newspaper in London where a letter-writing campaign can be focused.  A national debate over there would be healthful for all concerned.  Sami has not had time to respond yet.  Meanwhile, letters of support can be addressed to Stephen’s Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Christopher Hill:….  There’s a postscript.


P.S. The Cathedral of the Diocese of Guildford appears to be built on a firm foundation. Please read on

Group says Church of England vicar anti-Semitic


Formal complaint documents Rev. Stephen Sizer’s offensive anti-Semitic statements and “deep hostility to Zionism.” 

LONDON – Britain’s Jewish community representative organization has taken the unprecedented step of lodging a formal complaint to the Church of England, the country’s officially established Christian church, accusing one of its clergyman of anti-Semitism.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has accused Rev. Stephen Sizer, the vicar of Virginia Water Church in Surrey and an ardent anti-Israel campaigner, of making anti-Semitic statements and republishing anti-Semitic material.

The action comes at a time when the relationship between the Jewish community and the Church of England has taken a downward turn, following its decision in July to strengthen ties with an anti-Israel group.

According to the board’s vice-president, Jonathan Arkush, Sizer has made statements that the board and most of the Jewish community find utterly offensive, to the point of crossing the line into anti- Semitism.

The representative organization lodged the complaint under the Church of England’s disciplinary process, an act of parliament known as the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003.

Submitting the complaint on behalf of the board, Arkush said, “The evidence disclosed indicates that Rev. Sizer spends time trawling dark and extreme corners of the Internet.”

“Rev. Sizer republishes items to support the target of his polemical writing, while at the same time introducing his readers to the racist and anti-Semitic websites from where he draws his material,” he added.

The complaint cites numerous examples over an 11-month period showing a clear and consistent pattern of activity that “can no longer go unchallenged.”

In October 2011, the Church of England minister posted a link to his Facebook page from an anti-Semitic website called “The Ugly Truth: Zionism, Jewish extremism and a few other nasty items making our world uninhabitable today.”

Sizer removed the link three months later only after numerous complaints.

Bishop of Manchester Rt. Rev. Nigel McCulloch, who is also the chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews, said at the time that “the content and delay in removing the link from Mr. Sizer’s Facebook page was disgraceful and unbecoming for a clergyman of the Church of England to promote.”

In March, Sizer linked a picture of US bases surrounding Iran from the “Veterans Today” website, which publishes articles defending Hitler, and promotes Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and the anti- Semitic musician Gilad Atzmon.

“Its home page quickly discloses articles displaying hatred of Jews and Israel. Rev. Sizer could not have missed these when searching the site for material to post on his blog,” the board maintained.

In May, four months after removing the controversial link, Sizer acknowledged that the “Ugly Truth” contained offensive material and said that he had “no wish” to be associated with it.

“I have on many occasions condemned all forms of anti-Semitism and will continue so to do because it is abhorrent to me,” Sizer maintained.

However, only a month later, he again linked his blog to another anti-Semitic website. The homepage “Window into Palestine” displays a Nazi flag with a swastika superimposed on a Star of David and carries a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, describing it as an “important tome.”

The charge sheet questions the sincerity of Sizer’s condemnation of anti-Semitism.

“Any visitor to ‘Window into Palestine’ would see immediately that it is racist and anti-Semitic. Rev. Sizer posted a link to this website exactly one month after telling the Council of Christians and Jews that he condemned all forms of anti-Semitism.

Arkush said that Sizer displays an obsession with Israel and opposes its identity as a Jewish state.

“Rev. Sizer displays a deep hostility to Zionism, which he writes about as if it was a term of abuse. It is not difficult to come across his views, as he is an enthusiastic self-publicist who proclaims his preoccupation with Israel on his website, blog and Facebook and Flickr pages.”

He also said that Sizer has few qualms about the company he keeps.

“He has shared a platform with and quoted from Holocaust-deniers; goes on trips to Iran as the guest of the NEDA Institute, which contributes to global efforts to deny the Holocaust and gave an interview with Quds News Agency, a Holocaust- denying website. Sizer is also a speaker at the provocatively named Christ at the Checkpoint conference, which features a theology called supersessionism which has anti-Semitic overtones.”

Writing in March 2011, Sizer said that Saif Gaddafi made a surprise visit to Israel to buy more weapons for his father, the late ruler of Libya.

“He goes to Israel regularly because, according to a senior Middle East Ecclesiastical source, both his mother and aunt are Jewish and live in Israel.

“Blood is indeed thicker than water. Perhaps this is why the US is reluctant to impose a ‘no-fly’ zone over Libya,” Sizer said.

It emerged that Sizer subsequently modified his post and removed the last line.

In June 2011, Sizer gave an interview to a Malaysian television program in which he claimed that “the Zionists” and the Far- Right in Britain were forming an alliance.

“It’s ironic that the very people who favored the work of Hitler are now working with the Zionists against the Muslims because they view them as a threat,” he said.

The complaint will now be considered by Bishop Christopher Hill, the bishop of Guildford, which is the jurisdictional area under which Sizer’s church falls.

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January 21, 2013

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I am black,i stand by Israel,the jews and Netanyahu 100%.i know about the Palestinians who are here in u.s.a. spiritually damaging poor blacks by teaching them how to forcibly take energy from people ,when it is done it hurts.they told the blacks this is something for your people,blacks use this against their own people not the whites who they blame for all their problems,people who do this are really proud of themselves,they become war like,if you say godbless you to them they look at you like they hate you.also some Christian Palestinians keep bitching about how Israelis treat them,if you a true Christian doesn’t Christ say forgive and god says vengeance is mine,ill repay. I think they have another agenda.they already got land twice and Israel got bombs from them thanks to dithering pres. Obama giving them,israel gives them water,electricity,100 mill. a year. I think americans are too soft,in world war 11 only Italy talked to hitler.i think what is going on now is a deceiving trick against Israel,obama has finally armed every muslim nation around Israel,he also isn’t a Christian if he tells boy scouts to let gays into org. knowing full well sooner or later innocent boys will be violated. plus the good Egyptians are looking for obamas half brother malik to hang him cause hes a member of morsis brotherhood

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