Auschwitz Survivor on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians

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This marvelous and timely testimony was passed on to me by dear Father Elias, who comments that he is proud to call this man a fellow Dutchman!

Dr. Hajo Meyer is a member of “A Different Jewish Voice” – a Dutch-based, secular Jewish movement that dares to openly criticize Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.

As a result of his experiences in Auschwitz, Hajo Meyer claims to have learned one fundamental lesson: that his moral duty as a human being was to never become like his oppressors. May the blessing of God be upon all courageous Jews like Dr Meyer who uphold the good of humanity above that of any particular race.

Father Dave

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November 19, 2012

Lyell Thomas @ 7:00 pm #

I seek to follow multiple sources of information that has integrity to stay informed!

November 20, 2012

charles donnelly @ 5:05 am #

I am very disappointed and shocked by the President\’s comment about Israel\’s right to self defense–this is slaughter, pure and simple. I did not vote for that comment.

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