Bringing Cheer from the Women of Palestine

We can make peace in the Holy Land you and I.

By circulating one video at a time.

For attitudes influenced in Cyberspace create facts on the ground.

The N.E.M.




      Our mutual friend Samia Khoury wrote to inform me that she has shared this video with the Ladies at the YWCA in Jerusalem:  I Ain’t Down Yet (01:20).  So it’s reasonable to assume that the song is now circulating throughout the female population in the Holy Land.  We all know the positive influence that a good woman can have on a man’s attitude, on a man’s morale, and on his basic moral character.  I’ve heard Samia speak of the Ladies at the Y as having a Yes We Can Attitude.  There’s a postscript.





P.S.  In the same song (in another place), Molly (Brown) sang:  “To show that you know, you’ve got to show you know you know.”  Let that be a lesson to us all.

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