Can We Build a Valley of Peace in The Holy Land?

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My Allies on AOL and I have discussed this video at length … Valley of Peace (03:41) … and we have reached a consensus.  Somebody has had a very good idea.  It doesn’t matter who thought up the idea originally, it’s a good one.  However, let us proceed with caution.

The name of Israel’s President Shimon Peres is closely connected with the proposal.   Do a bit of googling on the Internet, and see for yourself.  Now Peres is a man whom I, personally, do not trust.  Does Israel’s President expect to make a few million dollars off the project?  My Allies and I would disapprove if that were the case.  Nevertheless, we’ve got a good idea to work with.  The possibility of building a Valley of Peace in the Holyland is an encouraging prospect to explore.

If International Bankers were to invest in the project without planning to make a monetary profit … and if the Kings and Presidents of the oil rich countries were to invest with a truly Islamic attitude … and if nobody was allowed to get greedy about who’ll own the shops, who’ll control the tourist trade and things like that ….. then my Allies and I will support the project with every key on our boards.  What do some of you think?  Please watch the video again: Valley of Peace (03:41).  Does anybody have a better idea?  The paper trail is intact.


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