CARTOON: Dante shares a choice oneliner with the President

We’re all adults here.

The N.E.M.




      Michelle is surprised at the abrupt language Dante is using in today’s post, but she understands the urgency of the situation.   Michelle:  Hon, Dante says he found a one-liner you can use the next time you meet with Benjamin Netanyahu behind closed doors and the negotiations aren’t going well.   President:  Oh yeah?  What’s the one-liner?   Michelle:  He said he found it in a poem written by E. E. Cummings (1894–1962).   President:  I didn’t know young Dante was into poetry.  What’s the one-liner?

      Michelle:  Dante says you’ll have to use it with a smile on your face that inches in the direction of a smirk.  Don’t get too smirky, but you’ll need to project an attitude of total confidence to persuade Bibi that you’re serious.   President:  What’s the one-liner?


      Michelle:  And, for maximum effect, you’ll have to wait for an opportune time to use it, or it’ll be interpreted by the media as inappropriate.  President:  What’s the one-liner?   Michelle:  Speak with a cavalier tone in your voice, and you’ll dazzle Bibi speechless.  He’ll be blithering after the meeting when the two of you meet with reporters.  He may not even repeat what you said.   President:  What’s the one-liner?   Michelle:  “There is some sh*t which I am not required to eat.”  President:  Wha… ????   Michelle:  Before you get excited, Hon, read the postscript.   President:  (pause)  I don’t understand.  Why is Dante suggesting that I lose my dignity?  Is he hinting that I should abandon the LOD altogether (the Language of Diplomacy) because Bibi is such a slippery fellow when he gets defensive and shifts into a theatrical mode?   Michelle:  Hmmmm…  Well, let me answer your question this way.  Dante says that he and his Allies regard you as the Leader of the Free World, and they are expecting substantial progress to be made in the Holy Land Peace Process … at the next meeting of the Quartet … which is just a few days from today … in Jerusalem …. on December 13 (Tuesday) and December 14 (Wednesday).   President:  They’ve got a reasonable expectation.  I’ll grant them that.  But I’m not certain that I want to use the one-liner.   Michelle:  You decide about that, Hon.  Just remember that Dante and his Allies have those dates marked on their calendars, and so do I.  Please don’t forget to read the postscript.





P.S.   From Wikipedia:  “Born into a Unitarian family, Cummings exhibited transcendental leanings his entire life.  As he grew in maturity and age, Cummings moved toward an “I, Thou” relationship with God.  His journals are replete with references to “le bon Dieu” as well as prayers for inspiration in his poetry and artwork.” 

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