Comic Relief for a World Weary of Wars


Comic Relief for a World Weary of Wars

The N.E.M.


The first family rises early in the morning so that they read their e-mail from Dante.  Dante’s dailies help keep their breakfast table conversations interesting.


President: Words of wisdom from Dante this morning?

Michelle: Hon, Dante says he wants you to read the essay pasted below.

President: Who wrote it?

Michelle:  Jim Wall.

President: From Chicago?  Originally from Georgia?

Michelle:  Yes.  But he doesn’t want you to read the essay until he tells you two stories he read in a biography of FDR over the summer.

President: All right.  Tell me the stories.

Michelle: Which story do you want to hear first?

President: Does it matter?

Michelle: In the first story FDR is a little boy.  In the second story he’s the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World.  

President: Tell the one about when he was a little boy first.

Michelle: Well, FDR was about five or six years old.  His mother overheard him bossing one of his little playmates around one afternoon.  Mrs. R took him aside to teach him some manners:  “That’s no way to treat other people, Franklin.  You know better than that.”  For she believed in her heart-of-hearts that “Manners Maketh Man”.  Young FDR had a polite response:  “But  Mother…. Somebody has to be in charge.”  

President:  (pause)  Now tell me the other story, about when he was President.

Michelle: Well, a Human Rights group of some kind visited the Oval Office for the purpose of suggesting a reform in a certain specific situation.   FDR listened carefully.  He took their complaints seriously and agreed with them.  Then he suggested that they return to the grassroots level … where the voters and taxpayers were … and generate a “demand” for the situation to change.  For what folks at the grassroots level want to happen is what is going to happen.  Eventually.  FDR told them:  “Then come back and force me to change.  But bear in mind that I’ll need your support.”

Michelle:  Hon…. there’s a message in those stories.  

President: What else does Dante say? 

Michelle:  Dante says that your performance at the UNGA last week is causing ripples in the gravity field that’s permeating the globe.  Your controversial stand on the Holy Land issues has precipitated a badly-needed international debate which is what he suspects you had in mind all along.  Dante says his hat is off to you.  

President: (pause)

Michelle: Dante is convinced that you’re in the process of outsmarting Bibi once and for all.  And the reason you’re being so quiet about it is that he’s one slippery, sneaky fellow.  As you will see in the activated link.

President:  (pause)  Dante can be sneaky, too.  Scroll down. Let’s read Jim’s essay.



P.S.  Contact the White House

In a message dated 9/25/2011 4:36:57 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,… writes:

Note:   Jim Wall has had another major insight.  Like many of us, Jim is angry (Some of us are outraged.) with President Obama because of his speech at the UN last week.  Then … and here comes the insight … Jim asks:  “What’s the alternative?”    Peace, Roy

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