Comic relief.

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Comic Relief for a War Weary World

The N.E.M.


Michelle is reading her e-mail to the President.  

Michelle: Hon, Dante writes that he and his Allies met on-line in an emergency conference last evening.  They’ve a suggestion which will enable you to finesse Benjamin Netanyahu when the two of you cross paths in New York this week.

President: I’d like to finesse him on the basketball court.  What’s the one-liner?

Michelle:  First, Dante says, you will need to put a woeful expression on your face.  Then ask him please to understand the difficult position that you’re in.  Then present your position in a one-liner, i.e., in one short, simple, declarative sentence.

President: What’s the one-liner?

Michelle: Tell him that you cannot veto your own policy.

President: I understand Dante’s point.  If I veto my own policy I’ll lose credibility with the American people.   What’s more, the Free World is insisting that Israel comply with International Law. 

Michelle: What’s holding you back?

President: Israel has nukes and won’t hesitate to use them if it’s deemed necessary for Israel’s “security”.  Netanyahu’s policies could lead us all into another world war and there would be a backlash against Jews which nobody wants.

Michelle: I see your point.

President: What else does Dante suggest?

Michelle: Well, when you get to New York, he suggests that you not allow Bibi to entangle you in his talk.  He’ll try to divert your attention to Iran’s nuclear program, but not to worry.  You can finesse him on that subject, too.

President: How?

Michelle:  By informing him that you’ve recently learned where the faulty intelligence information about Iraq’s WMDs program originated.

President: Anything else?  

Michelle: Well, there’s an article from today’s news pasted below.

President: I’ll check it out.

Michelle: Below that news article is a news article (a repeat) from the day before yesterday which includes one of Gideon Levy’s essays.






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