Food For Thought Regarding The Holy Land Peace Process

Note:   Thanks to George, my off-line neighbor here in San Diego, for sharing this article.  It’s food for thought.  It’s food for discussion, too.   Peace, Roy


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War Clouds Form Over Iran
Wayne Madsen…

Israel has de facto control over the foreign affairs committees of Congress, so any White House notification of the need to contact Iranian officials would be instantly transmitted to Binyamin Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem and Israel would then circumvent any U.S.-Iranian contact. AIPAC, with its resolution, is further making the United States a vassal of the Jewish state … President Obama is under tremendous pressure from the Israel Lobby during an election year to support an Israeli military strike on Iran, action that will inevitably lead the United States military in the Gulf region into war against Iran on behalf of the Tel Aviv/west Jerusalem regime.

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