In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.


The N.E.M.


The White House coffee pot is on a timer.  So the First Family’s coffee is ready for immediate consumption when Michelle comes in to open her e-mail.   Michelle: Hon, you don’t want your coffee to get cold.  President: I’ll be out in a jiffy.   Michelle: There’s a post from Dante.   President: I might have known.  Michelle: This one’s important.   President: Start reading.  I can hear you.  Michelle: No, hurry up.  President:  I’m all dressed.  I can put on a tie after breakfast.  I’ll need you to pick one out.  It’s not that I’m indecisive.  I just don’t remember colors.

Michelle:  Dante says it’s urgent that you read the article pasted below at your earliest convenience.   President:  What’s it about?   Michelle: You’ll see.

Michelle: Dante says that he and his Allies in the International Community are using the Internet to OCCUPY JERUSALEM once and for all … because … Mideast Peace = Peace of Jerusalem = World Peace.  He reminds us that attitudes influenced in Cyberspace create facts on the ground.  He mentions another advantage to waging the Peace of Jerusalem on the Internet.  No blood gets shed in Cyberspace.  He says he hopes you’ll join in the movement without trying to co-opt it and that you’ll help us resolve the crisis in the Holy Land our way (the people’s way).  He says there’s no reason for you to worry about what you should do (for a while).  Just have faith that your fellow Human Beings will show you the way to lead us.  Sharing Jerusalem will be a learning experience for us all.   President:  Well, tell young Dante that I’ll read the post immediately.  And I’ll certainly give the matter a great deal of thought.  Tell him that he’ll be hearing from me soon.   Michelle: Dante says be sure and read the post all the way to the bottom, and be sure to notice who’s saying what to whom.




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