International Bankers think Iran should have the bomb!

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Father Roy writes:   Please, everybody, read the article from American Free Press pasted below.  What we’re witnessing here is a dramatic internal political development in the Middle East Peace Process.  For background reading: bilderburger group – AOL Search Results 

Globalist Group Divided Over Iranian Issue

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Some Bilderberg leaders, exposing a dramatic internal conflict, are trying to persuade world leaders that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons because “balance of power” makes the region safer.

This argument was made by several Bilderberg participants at the meeting in Chantilly, Va. in early June, including Airbus head Thomas Enders of Germany, multinational corporation Saint-Gobain’s CEO Pierre André de Chalendar of France and Microsoft executive Craig Mundie of the United States. Their views were summarized in the July-August 2012 issue of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs magazine by Kenneth Waltz, an adjunct professor at Columbia University.

“Israel’s nuclear monopoly, which has proven remarkably durable during the past four decades, has long fueled instability in the Middle East,” said Enders. “It is Israel’s nuclear arsenal, not Iran’s desire for one, that has contributed most to the current crisis. Power, after all, begs to be balanced. What is surprising about the Israeli case is that it has taken so long for a potential balancer to emerge.”

“It’s easy to understand why Israel wants to remain the sole nuclear superpower in the region and why it is willing to use force to secure that status,” said de Chalendar. “In 1981, Israel bombed Iraq to prevent a challenge to its nuclear monopoly. It did the same to Syria in 2007 and is now considering similar action against Iran. But the very acts that have allowed Israel to maintain its nuclear edge in the short term have prolonged an imbalance that is unsustainable in the long term.”

“Israel’s proven ability to strike potential nuclear rivals with impunity has inevitably made its enemies anxious to develop the means to prevent Israel from doing so again,” said Mundie. “In this way, the current tensions are best viewed not as the early stages of a relatively recent Iranian nuclear crisis but rather as the final stages of a decades-long Middle East nuclear crisis that will end only when a balance of military power is restored.”


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