Is David Rothkopf telling the truth over there in Israel?

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Father Roy writes:

Talk, talk, talk.  Talk can cause mass hysteria.  The article pasted below was published today in an Israeli newspaper.  Glance at the headline.  Let us ask:  “Who is David Rothkopf?” (highlighted).  Let us wonder why claims like his (being an “expert”) are made so readily … and believed so quickly … in a culture like Israel’s … which thrives on fear. Is it not obvious?  Benjamin Netanyahu (and those who share his mindset) are determined to divert the world’s attention away from the crisis in the Holy Land … which is the central problem facing the world today … by directing everybody’s attention onto Iran. 

Here’s a worrisome development:  On Sunday Israel launched air strikes on Gaza.  Let us ask whether Rothkopf is telling the truth about the US “considering” a “surgical strike” on Iran which is a country entitled to a nuclear program (but not to nuclear weapons).  There’s a Fatwa in Iran prohibiting nuclear weapons.  Also, Iran is a signatory to the NPT.  Let us ask who is the unnamed “source” that Rothkopf quotes as being close to the US-Israeli discussions. 

Let us carefully (full of care) re-consider the warning America received from Wes Clark (08:13) in October of 2007.  (This short video is once again making the rounds on the Internet.)  Notice what General Clark has to say about the project for a new american century – AOL Search Results.  Listen to PNAC’s “experts” on FOX News.  Notice how seductive and sophisticated warmongering can be.   Peace, Roy

U.S., Israel considering joint ‘surgical strike’ on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Former Clinton administration official David Rothkopf writes in Foreign Policy that attack, which he says could not be carried out by Israel alone, would only take a few hours and would neutralize Republican criticism.

The United States and Israel are considering the possibility of a joint “surgical strike” against Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to a Foreign Policy report by David Rothkopf published Monday.

While Israel and the U.S. still don’t entirely agree on the “red line” which would trigger a military response, the report said that the Israelis are now suggesting a more limited attack than was previously debated.

Rothkopf, a former Clinton administration official and international relations expert, quoted a source said to be close to the discussions, which claimed that a small-scale attack is currently viewed as the most likely military option. Such strike, the source said, is likely to only take a few hours and would be conducted by air, using bombers and supported by drones.

In order to send the Iranian nuclear program back many years, such an attack could be carried out in a joint U.S.-Israeli operation, or by the U.S. alone. The report claims Israel would not be able to carry out this kind of attack on its own.

Rothkopf argues that the threat of a limited strike would seem more credible than a full-scale attack, and so it has “a real chance of deterring the mullahs.” This threat, the report said, may also increase the chances that diplomacy would work.

The source said the possibility is also aimed at having a regional effect: “Saving Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, reanimating the peace process, securing the Gulf, sending an unequivocal message to Russia and China, and assuring American ascendancy in the region for a decade to come.”

According to the report, another consideration for a limited strike is a political one. Bringing up the possibility of a limited, aerial assault, could defuse Romney’s criticism, since the likelihood of such an attack of being carried out is higher

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October 15, 2012

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