Is the United Nations “Anti Semitic”?

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Note:   Now and then one hears it said that the UN is “anti-Semitic”.  Who’s saying that?  Abraham H. Foxman and who else?  Please see my highlights below.   Peace, Roy

The Monthly Humanitarian Monitor | June 2011

More people displaced in West Bank in first half of 2011 than in any other year since 2006. The Israeli HCJ reject petitions by Palestinians for the lifting of the severe access restrictions imposed on the centre of Hebron City. Despite increases in Israeli-approved construction projects in Gaza, these address a minority of identified needs. Movement of people in and out of Gaza remains severely limited; only 400-450 people per day going through at Rafah Crossing. Medical supply shortage in Gaza Strip: 28 percent of the essential drug list and 21 percent medical disposables are out of stock.

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