Jerusalem Mayor: Leave My City Alone!


Note:  Thanks to Claudia for circulating these links.  The article I found the more educational of the two is:  Jerusalem Mayor Says World Should Leave His City Alone. From my humble perspective, Jerusalem’s Mayor sounds like an arrogant, theatrical, greedy, unpleasant sort of fellow.  What’s even worse, he plays fast and loose with the facts.  Count the number of lies he tells in each paragraph below.  Who does he think he is?  One of “God’s chosen”?  Chosen for what?  For entitlements and special privileges?  Chosen as tho he’s preferred by God over others?  I happen to believe that God does not play favorites when dealing with races and cultures.  I’ve pasted Newsweek’s article by Jerusalem’s Mayor below, beneath Claudia’s note.  I refrained from doing any highlighting, as you will see.  Peers, what’s your response to Jerusalem’s Mayor’s standpoint of view?  He refuses to share Jerusalem.   Peace, Roy

The Palestinian bid for full U.N. membership has refocused attention on the status of Jerusalem. Mayor Nir Barkat insists the city works for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike and does not need world intervention.

Article by Nir Barkat for…. Posted on September 22, 2011.


Sep 22, 2011 8:30 PM EDT

Today, Jerusalem should be and certainly is heading in the right direction. Our economy is booming, our education system is leading the country in reforms, and Christians, Jews, and Muslims work together, conduct business and trade together, live together, and enjoy the freedom of movement better than ever before.

Jerusalem is an open city for the 3.5 billion people of faith around the world to come visit and then return home as ambassadors of peace. Indeed, Jerusalem has become a top destination for global tourism. In 2010, tourism increased by 24 percent and the trends continue this year.

We are experiencing a renaissance in culture and creating new opportunities for young adults—from all sectors of society. We have a new light-rail train that is making the city more accessible and reducing pollution. It links residential neighborhoods to areas of commerce, elementary schools to tourist attractions and cultural institutions, and soon, to our hospitals.

The municipality of Jerusalem is working in cooperation with community leaders in the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities and investing millions of dollars to close gaps in infrastructure, education, and community services in Arab and ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

Jerusalem’s hospitals and health-care clinics are excellent examples of coexistence. They attract patients from all different backgrounds, all parts of Jerusalem, all parts of Israel, and all corners of the world. Moreover, despite what you may see on the news, Jerusalem is one of the safest cities in the world, far safer than America’s major cities!

Jerusalem must stay a united, undivided capital under Israeli sovereignty.

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