King Abdulla of Jordan meets with Hamas leaders

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Father Roy writes:   Today we witness another encouraging development in the Middle East Peace Process.  His Majesty King Abdullah …. who is universally respected …. who is admired by many of us because he’s so much like his father …. is hot on the heels of Russia’s President Putin.   Two spiritual athletes.   We’re two steps closer to a time for rejoicing.  The highlight in AP’s report is mine.   Cheers, Roy

Jordan King Meets Hamas Leaders, Nod to Islamists

AMMAN, Jordan June 28, 2012 (AP)

Jordan’s king has met with top Hamas leaders aspart of an about-face effort to engage with Islamists, who have been gaining ground all over the Mideast.

The Islamic militant Hamas rules Gaza. A Royal Palace statement says King Abdullah II’s talks Thursday with seven Hamas officials, headed by exiled leader Khaled Mashaal, focused on a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

That refers to creating a Palestinian state next to Israel. Hamas ideology rejects that, aiming for an Islamic Middle East, though some more pragmatic Hamas leaders favor some form of accepting Israel.

Abdullah’s meeting with Mashaal, a Jordanian citizen, is their second since January. Mashaal was expelled in 1999 for “illicit and harmful” activities.

Islamists make up the most influential opposition in Jordan, gaining strength in recent months.

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