LionPAC invites Dershowitz to counter Chomsky


Note: Alan Dershowitz is the sort of Jew who can always be depended upon to reinforce the stereotype.  He’s forever rushing to the defense of Israel.   Dershowitz told the students at Barnard: “It is futile to negotiate with people like Chomsky.”  Dershowitz explained:  “It’s like you put the dollar into the soda machine, and the dollar doesn’t come out, and the soda doesn’t come out.”  Dershowitz makes other (personal) derogatory statements (cheap shots) about Chomsky which you’ll find mentioned in the article pasted below.   Peace, Roy

Article by Ben Gittelson from…. Published on October 19, 2011.

Phoebe Lytle / Senior staff photographer

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Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a nearly packed house at the Kraft Center’s Rennert Auditorium Sunday evening.

The Columbia/Barnard Hillel, in cooperation with LionPAC, a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” advocacy group, arranged for Dershowitz to speak in response to linguistNoam Chomsky’s speech at Barnard on Monday.

Dershowitz addressed issues ranging from a two-state solution to academic freedom to the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in the one-hour session, which included a speech, questions from the audience, and a series of questions from David Fine, CC ’13 and the editor-in-chief of The Current, a student journal that focuses on current events and Jewish affairs.

Dershowitz emphasized the need for a two-state solution to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the urgency to restart negotiations. He said that it’s futile to negotiate with people like Chomsky.

“It’s critically important that you appeal to the center, that your arguments go to those who are undecided,” Dershowitz said. “You will never convince Noam Chomsky. It’s like you put the dollar into the soda machine, and the dollar doesn’t come out, and the soda doesn’t come out.”

He stressed that audience members should be both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli while still acknowledging both sides’ faults.

Dershowitz repeatedly challenged Chomsky’s viewpoints and accused him of putting forward “absolute fabrications” and “total lies.” He encouraged his audience to attend Chomsky’s speech the next day and challenge him.

“[He is] living on Planet Chomsky,” Dershowitz said. “On Planet Chomsky, the truth is not held in high regard.”

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