Michael Savage Offers Newt Gingrich One Million Dollars To Drop Out

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Note:  There’s a curious article pasted below.  The world will soon learn whether or not Newt is a mercenary.  Or is this a new publicity stunt?  Whichever, let’s do some fast thinking.  Newt has taken sides on a political issue on which the American public could not be more polarized.  I refer, of course, to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  Almost everybody is taking sides. Perhaps it would facilitate the peace process if we bring our differing views out into the open and deal with the issue once and for all.  Newt announced that the first thing he would do if he’s elected President is move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Newt regards Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and undivided capital.  Others of us insist that Jerusalem must be undivided and SHARED in accordance with International Law.  We’ve a place to focus.  President Obama has made promises regarding the Holy Land issues.  He has a well-spoken policy which is yet to be implemented.  Newt would attract a following.  A national debate at the grassroots level is in order.  Contact The White House.  An international debate is in order, too.  Please read on.       Peace, Roy  

Click here: Michael Savage Offers Newt Gingrich One Million Dollars To Drop Out Of Race

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