More Palestinians violently evicted from their land!


It needs to be noted, not only that these sorts of criminal acts go on all the time but that they take place with the blessing of the Israeli court during times of so-called peace!

One can only imagine if the Palestinian police attempted some sort of reciprocal act – trying, for example, to evict Israeli settlers from their colonial outposts in the West Bank. It would be interpreted as a provocation to war!

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Palestinian village of Bab Alshams violently evicted

Posted on: January 13, 2013 |

13 January 2013 | PSCC, Occupied Palestine

Although established on privately owned Palestinian lands, Israel forcefully expelled residents of the village in a pre-dawn raid this morning. Six required medical attention.

Shortly before 3 am, hundreds of Israeli policemen and soldiers staged a raid on the newly founded Palestinian village of Bab Alshams (Gate of the Sun), violently evicting its 150 inhabitants. Use of police brutality is even more objectionable in light of the passive resistance offered by the residents. No arrests were made, and all persons detained were released shortly after.

In light of harsh international criticism over the plan to expand the Ma’aleh Edomim settlement, and in an attempt to draw away attention from the case, eviction took place early this morning. Following its arrival at the scene, a massive police force began by removing journalists from the residents’ immediate surroundings and proceeded to drag people away, beating some of them. Six Palestinians later required medical care at the Ramallah Hospital.

Following his release, Mohammed Khatib of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee said, “We will not remain silent as Israel continues to build Jewish-only colonies on our land. Bab Alshams is no more, but during its short days it gave new life and energy to all who passed through it. Israel continues to act in violation of every imaginable law and human decency. In establishing Bab Alshams we declare that we have had enough of demanding our rights from the occupier – from now on we shall seize them ourselves.”

Read the rest of this article (and see some graphic pictures of the injured) here:…

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