More than 20,000 Palestinian children missing or dead in Gaza

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Israel has waged indiscriminate attacks on the population of Gaza which has killed and injured thousands of children while leaving others as orphans.


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The New Arab Staff

24 June, 2024

The final toll will be even higher as Netanyahu vows to continue murdering children for as long as he is in power – Mark

Some 21,000 Palestinian children are considered missing in Gaza, a leading children’s charity said on Monday as Israel’s brutal offensive kills thousands of children and leaves many more orphaned.

Save the Children estimates that 17,000 children in Gaza have been separated from their parents and left unaccompanied while 4,000 are believed to be dead under the rubble of the besieged territory.

In eight months of war, Israel’s sea, land and air attacks have laid waste to swathes of the enclave, killed at least 37,600 people and made the majority of the 2.3 million population homeless.

The UN estimates that 10,000 people are believed to be buried under the rubble in Gaza with 40 percent of these believed to be children.

Humanitarians have warned for months that Gaza’s children are among the most vulnerable, with thousands facing malnutrition, disease and long-term psychological damage.

The British charity is calling on the UK government to immediately halt the transfer of weapons, parts and ammunition to Israel and armed Palestinian groups.

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