Netanyahu needs to look in a mirror

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Father Roy writes: Netanyahu is saying that Iran is undermining the world’s stability.  Freud had a lot to say about “Psychological Projection“.  Jesus taught:  “Consider the speck and the mote” which is a lesson we all need to learn.   Peace, Roy

Netanyahu: Iran’s terror acts undermine the world’s stability

Five arrested on suspicion of involvement in New Delhi attack against Israeli embassy; Thai police investigating Tuesday’s botched bombing, one suspect reportedly fled to Malaysia.

By Barak RavidTags: Benjamin NetanyahuIsrael terrorism

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Iran is destabilizing the world and urged the international community to condemn its terror acts against Israeli targets.

The prime minister’s comments come a day after a botched terror attack in Thailand, which Israeli officials believe was meant to target Israel’s ambassador in Bangkok. The bombing followed an attack on Israel’s embassy in New Delhi and an attempted attack on Israeli diplomats in Tbilisi.

New Delhi bomb - AP - February 2012 Car bomb attack on the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.
Photo by: AP

“Iran’s terror operations are now exposed for all to see,” Netanyahu said during a Knesset plenum on Wednesday. “Iran is undermining the world’s stability and harms innocent diplomats. World countries must condemn Iran’s terror acts and draw a red line.”

Four Thai civilians were wounded in Bangkok in a series of blasts that began Tuesday when a cache of explosives ignited at a house, apparently by mistake. One explosion blew off the leg of an Iranian who had fled, carrying what looked like grenades.

On Monday, a bombing of an Israeli diplomatic car in New Delhi wounded four people, including a diplomat’s wife. A similar bomb found under a car in Georgia on Monday was defused.

The Indian police detained five suspects for questioning on suspicion of involvement in the New Delhi attack, India Today reported.

According to the report, the police was able to identify the assailant, who placed the bomb on the car of the wife of the Defense Ministry’s representative in India, Tali Yehoshua-Koren, using footage from CCTV cameras positioned on the embassy’s street. The police also identified a red motorcycle believed to have been used by the terror cell.

The New Delhi police suspect that the terrorist had followed the Israeli diplomat. A few hours before the blast, the Israeli diplomat met with his wife for lunch in the Khan Market. Security cameras from the market area caught several of the suspects loitering around Tali Yehoshua-Koren’s car that was parked nearby.

Moreover, the police have been going over international phone calls made from New Delhi to Iran, Lebanon, and Pakistan during the hours following the bombing. During the half-an-hour from 3:30 to 4:00 P.M on the day of the attack, 115 calls were made to those three countries. Four of them were made from a phone booth near the market where the Israeli couple met. Thirteen of the conversations lasted between eight to ten minutes, and the police are trying to identify the persons who made these calls.

According to the report in India Today, the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, gave its Indian counterpart a list of eight suspects, believed to have been involved in the attack.

The investigation of the Iranian terror cell in Thailand is also in progress. The Thai police set up a special command center dedicated to the search and seizure of cell members still at large. The police issued an arrest warrant for an additional member. Another suspect had apparently already fled the country on a flight to Malaysia. Thailand asked the Malaysia police to arrest the suspect.

Mohammad Haji, a member of the terror cell, who was arrested in Bangkok’s international airport trying to flee the country, denied all involvement in the bombing. Despite his denial, the Thai police believe they have enough evidence to prosecute him in the case. The police said the members of the terror cell arrived via Seoul, South Korea.

Link to original story in Haaretz: Netanyahu: Iran’s terror acts undermine the world’s stability

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