Peace Organizations Are Springing Up All Over The Place

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Note:   It seems that every day there springs up a new organization or two calling for justice in the Holy Land.  It’s justice that makes peace possible.  Fotonna has been around for a while, but I’ve not circulated their mailings before.   Peace, Roy



The political situation is tenser now; many people are waiting for what is going to happen at the end of this month. It is becoming a daily subject to talk about, although all political windows seem to be closed, and September is a bad month for the Palestinians.  But, still miracles might happen.  Our situation is becoming more critical after the confiscation of the hill west of the Tent of Nations. Towers for electricity were installed, roads were built to connect the settlements together, and more houses are being built in those settlements.

We have to expect the worst but still hope for the best.  By the end of this year, we will finish almost all projects that will help the Tent of Nations to be self-sustainable and to function even if it will be totally isolated from the city of Bethlehem.  All funds we received from our Friends of Tent of Nations North America were spent on developing the infrastructure as well as for the educational programs we are running – the women’s education center and the children’s summer camp.  In terms of infrastructure, with the funds we received from FOTONNA, we built cisterns for rain water collection, increasing the capacity of rain water storage from 200 cubic meters to 650 cubic meters.  We bought machines and equipment to help in cultivation and planting more fields to increase the land production which will help to bring the Tent of Nations within the coming years to be totally financially independent. The Tent of Nations farm started to produce crops, and our gift shop is full of products the farm is producing.  The products are sold to guest groups.  The wine press we received donated through FOTONNA helped us in doing the processing of the grapes much easier and more efficiently than ever before.

A first-aid facility has been developed on the farm, and next week a medical student is coming to give our five long-term volunteers a first-aid course for two weeks.  Our maintenance workshop is still under development, and we hope to have it functioning very soon….

Many thanks to all of you who believe in Peace with Justice for both Palestinians and Israelis.  Let’s make it happen!!

The read the full article and see Tent of Nations contact details click here.


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September 15, 2011

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