Poll shows that Christian Zionists are losing influence

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Note:   Thanks to Sami Joseph in the UK for circulating the findings of this poll.  Christian Zionists are “losing influence”.    Peace, Roy
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Pew Poll Shows Evangelical Christian Zionist’s Rapture Quest Failing
Charles E. Carlson Jul 11, 2011
A recent Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders, taken by the Pew Forum for Religious and Public Life, reveals cracks in the structure of Evangelicalism, best described as Judeo-Christianity, welcome news for all those who labor for world peace and financial stability. (1)
The report states that “U.S. evangelical leaders are especially downbeat about the prospects for evangelical Christianity in their society; 82% say evangelicals are losing influence in the United States today, while only 17% think evangelicals are gaining influence.” In the global north 66% say evangelical Christianity is having decreased influence on life, and 31% think it is increasing. More than half of U.S. leaders (53%) see the current state of evangelical Christianity in America as worse than it was five years ago. And as U.S. leaders look a few years ahead, about half (48%) expect the state of Evangelical Christianity to worsen.
The survey reveals that not all “evangelicals” are Christian Zionists and The Pew Forum has learned how to tell the difference. The Evangelical boat is leaking much worse in America and Europe than in the southern hemisphere, where missionaries are far more optimistic about the future of Evangelicalism in their countries. Perhaps this is because mission workers in the field are more attuned to work and service and less preoccupied with social pursuits and monetary success.
As I interpret this poll, significant weakening of Evangelicalism can be traced to a preoccupation with Israel that is anything but scriptural. The poll asked two related and telling questions: “Does God’s covenant with the Jewish people continue today?” And, “Is the state of Israel the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy?” The latter is a question we believe should be asked of every “Christian,” including our own pastors, parents, and children.
The poll results state that 73% of those polled think “God’s covenant with the Jewish people” continues today, and only 22% say it does not. It should be noted here that this is a Judeo-Christian give-away, since it is based on a false premise. The Pew Forum and all Evangelicals need to understand that there never was an Old Testament covenant with “the Jewish people.” Most Evangelicals, radical or moderate, fail to properly distinguish the ancient tribe of Israelites from the Jews of today, and in particular, the Jewish inhabitants of the modern secular Jewish state of Israel. This error is the result of scriptural distortion that is encouraged by the State of Israel and its lobbies in the USA, and by the Israel-friendly press.
The Pew Poll, to its credit, did ask the decisive litmus test question, “Is the state of Israel the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy?” Though the high number of “yes” replies was expected, the fact that 42% said “no” was a surprise and strongly suggests that at least 42% of Evangelicals polled are not Christian Zionists as defined by We Hold These Truths. This is a hopeful sign that Evangelicals are waking up, especially those outside of the U.S.! Perhaps it reflects the growing revulsion for the brutal acts carried out by Israel against its neighbors.
Those who say “yes” to either of the above two questions must throw out many of Jesus’ own words. Jesus and His Apostles state again and again that God’s covenant with the Israelites (mistranslated as “Jews” beginning in the Middle Ages) was fulfilled in the coming of the Christ.
When asked to declare sympathy toward either Israelis or Palestinians, most evangelicals stated they were neutral, but among the minority who took sides, about three out of four sympathized with Israel, reflecting the feelings of the more radical Christian Zionists. Nevertheless it’s good news that they are no longer in the majority.
The most obvious reason why radical Evangelicalism must fail is that too many spokesmen deny the New Testament in their misguided effort to honor Israel. The notion that the Israelis are persecuted by the Philistines is unique to Judeo-Christians. Too many Evangelicals have been sold the idea that war is necessary and is worth its cost in human life.
(1) Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders, Cape Town, South Africa. pewforum.org…

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