Son of Israeli general speaks for Palestine

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Note:  It may be necessary to click on the link to watch the video.  While Miko is in Australia this month, he will speak at the Church in Sydney where Fr. David Smith is Rector.   Peace, Roy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 By Niko LekaPip Hinman from….au.

Israeli activist and author Miko Peled (pictured), currently touring Australia, is convinced that the Israel-Palestine conflict can be solved.

But, he told public meetings in Sydney and Newcastle, he doesn’t believe that it will happen while the government of Israel remains committed to Zionism (the maintenance of Israel as an exclusively “Jewish” state) and continues its ethnic cleansing operation by moving Palestinians off their land.

“It is not some inexorable process of nature,” Peled said. “It is a conflict between people, and it is therefore something over which people can have control.”

Peled was raised in a prominent Zionist family in Jerusalem. His grandfather, Dr Avraham Katsnelson, was a Zionist leader and signatory to the May 14, 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Katsnelson was also a member of Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party of Palestine that, in 1946, was the sole Zionist political organisation in Palestine at the time that recognised the national rights of the Palestinian Arabs

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