Question: What do you and Benjamin Netanyahu have in common?

Answer: you will both be at in Washington DC for policy conferences in just a few weeks…

It’s true. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be in Washington DC once again for the 2012 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference. But while he will be beating the drums of war against Iran, you’ll be across the street with us at our counter-conference and protest for peace, Occupy AIPAC. Register today!

In its largest convention yet, AIPAC will be pushing its pro-war on Iran agenda more than ever before. Yesterday AIPAC had its pre-meeting conference call featuring a talk and Q&A session with Bret Stephens, a foreign affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal. "The window of opportunity for diplomacy and sanctions has closed," he said, "Israel will come under fire for ‘sparking an unnecessary war’ and ‘causing the next recession’, but we have to have iron stomachs."
It is clear: AIPAC wants war with Iran. Sign this petition to tell President Obama that We Don’t!

While Netanyahu and AIPAC are war-mongering, this year at Occupy AIPAC we’ll have a daylong summit on Iran, Palestine and the Arab Uprisings, as well as workshops, cultural performances, film showings, protests and creative direct actions. We will protest war on Iran, K Street control on Congress and the Israeli occupation. Say no to AIPAC. Say no to war on Iran. Say no to Israeli occupation. Speak out for peace and justice. Join us.

Can’t make it? Please consider a financial contribution to ensure the success of Occupy AIPAC.

Onward towards peace in the Middle East,
The CODEPINK Middle East team

P.S. Volunteer for Occupy AIPAC! We need people to help with outreach, peacekeeping, media, visuals, flashmobs, etc. Email Alli at… and let us know if you are interested in getting involved before and during Occupy AIPAC.