This looks like Israel’s worst nightmare! A coming together of the two Palestinian factions would be bad enough, but having it happen courtesy of Mohamed Morsi – President of Egypt and a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – adds insult to injury!

Israel’s strategy has been to control the compliant Fatah government and to exclude and wage war against the defiant Hamas faction. What will they do though against a Fatah-Hamas coalition? Moreover, if the coalition has Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood behind it, it can count on extensive support from across the Muslim world!

Netanyahu doesn’t seem to be in any mood for conciliatory dialogue, so what happens next? The stage seems to be being set for a violent showdown! We must pray that sanity prevails.

Father Dave

Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi


Cairo, reconciliation efforts re-launched between Fatah and Hamas

Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) and Khaled Meshaal (Hamas) will meet tomorrow in Cairo for a series of talks led by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. The meeting follows the recent protests in the West Bank Hamas and Fatah in Gaza.

Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, and Khaled Meshaal, the exiled leader of Hamas, will meet tomorrow in Cairo to discuss reconciliation between the two Palestinian factions. The announcement was made by Yasser Ali, presidential spokesman for Mohamed Morsi. Before the historic face to face talks, the two leaders will have a series of separate talks with Egyptian President.

The meeting tomorrow comes after the major protests of Hamas in the West Bank and Fatah in Gaza between December and January. They were the first since the violent division between the two movements began in 2007 and culminated in the expulsion of their representatives from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

According to Azzam Al-Ahmed, head of the reconciliation program of al-Fatah, Abbas intends to break the current stalemate in the negotiations to end the political division between the two factions.

The mandate of Abbas as president of the Palestinian Authority expired in 2009. Currently he holds the position of interim president. The presidential elections for the renewal of the Palestinian Authority were to be held January 24, 2010, but fell through because of the split with Hamas.

The talks between Fatah and Hamas resumed in 2011 with a conference in Cairo that was meant to lead the territories in presidential and legislative elections in 2012. However, due to political differences the agreement was never implemented. At the beginning of 2012, Meshaal and Abbas met in Doha to resume negotiations and sign a new reconciliation program for the election of an interim president who would have authority over the government pending elections. On this occasion, Hamas accused its own leader Meshaal of taking unilateral decisions and rejected the deal.


The N.E.M.


Michelle opens her e-mail.  To her delight, but not to her surprise, there’s a post from Dante.   Michelle: Dante says he’s negotiating with a group of his Peers to organize a group to Occupy The White House.  Or… he may ask them to call the whole thing off.  What do you think?   President: What else does my would-be blackmailer have to threaten me with this morning?   Michelle:  Well, he says there’s a teaching from the Bible that wants us to discuss.   President: That’s interesting.   Michelle:  Dante mentioned in an earlier cartoon that he’s studying the Bible for the first time in his life.  He says studying it in depth, and he’s especially interested in the details.   President:  I remember.  He wrote that Nathanael reminds him of Uri Avnery (03:29).  What’s the Biblical teaching that Dante wants us to discuss?   Michelle: It’s an idea that comes from a Proverb.  You can read it in the letterhead.   President:  Dante always has interesting letterheads.  They brighten my day.   Michelle: And Dante wants us to discuss the teaching without him.   President: Why?   Michelle:  He doesn’t say.  Sometimes I don’t understand Dante’s reasoning.

Michelle: Hon, I’ve been thinking.   President: Thinking is hard work.  But somebody has got to do it.   Michelle: You’ve given the world a vision.  It’s an intelligent vision of a harmonious world.  Your vision included a change in the situation in the Holy Land where the Arab-Israeli conflict is the central problem in the world today.   President:  I remember.   Michelle:  Listen to yourself again:  Obama Cairo Speech (VIDEO): Calls For New Beginning, Gets Standing Ovation.  You inspired hope in people all around the world.  You cautioned us to remember that the needed changes will require time and cooperative effort.   President:  That’s still true.   Michelle:  Folks are wondering how long it’s going to be before we see these changes.   President: You said “we”.   Michelle: Yes.  I’m wondering, too.  You’re the Leader of the Free World, Hon.  How much longer are we going to have to wait?  You’ve got some tall explaining to do.   President: (silence)  Please explain what you mean by what you just said.

Michelle: I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate (disambiguation).  I’ll try to finesse you. When are you going to be honest with the American people about the obstacles to peace in the Middle East which is the central problem facing the world today?  When are you going to be honest about the obstacles?  Everybody knows what the obstacles are.  We need to hear you talk about them.   President: You make that sound easy.  The situation is complex.  It could not be more complex.   Michelle: Then you must explain the complexities.  Go public with the explanation.  Do some teaching.   President:  Perhaps I’m trying to figure out the best way to begin the teaching.  Tact and timing are all-important.   Michelle: Start by remembering that you’re the Leader of the Free World.  Then teach the efficacy of International Law.  President: (silence).