Dan Stone writes: I wish the U.S. were as malleable as israel on this issue of either charging someone or releasing him. But Obama refused to release Bradley Manning, letting him rot in the military brig with no charges for months, and then illegally stated Pfc Manning was guilty — with NO TRIAL!! The President of the United States states someone is guilty, with no trial. Obviously, it has slipped Obama’s mind just what political system we live in.

Bush jettisoned one of our most valuable political treasures — habeas corpus — and Obama has refused to reinstate it. If Americans cared about their civil liberties, they would demand Obama enforce habeas corpus, which means either charge political prisoners or release them in a timely manner. But the average American’s view is that, “Hey, (a) I’m not in jail, so what does it matter? And (b) the President said Manning was guilty, so he must be. “


From Democracy Now

Palestinian Prisoner Khader Adnan to be Released from Israeli Jail After 66-Day Hunger Strike

Feb 21, 2012, 7 pages

Israel’s Justice Ministry says that the authorities will not renew the detention of Khader Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for 66 days. He is being held in Israel without charge or trial.

Under the deal, Adnan will be released on April 17. Doctors previously said Adnan was at immediate risk of death. We speak to three guests about his case: his sister, Maali Mousa; Bill Van Esveld, researcher at Human Rights Watch; and Danny Morrison, a friend of the late Irish republican activist Bobby Sands, who died on his 66th day of a hunger strike in 1981. “[Adnan] told us that, ‘I am going on this hunger strike until I have an honorable deal or getting out from this jail,'” said Mousa about her recent visit to see her brother. “But in the same time, his spirits were very high.”

Van Esveld accused Israel of violating international law by holding a Palestinian from the West Bank inside Israel. “It’s a violation of Israel’s obligations under the Geneva Conventions to detain people from the occupied West Bank in prisons, or hospitals, in this case, that are inside Israel,” he said. [includes rush transcript]


Bill van Esveld, researcher at Human Rights Watch focusing on Israel and Palestine. He is based in Jerusalem.

Maali Mousa, Khader Adnan’s sister. She joins us on the phone from Arraba, West Bank.

Danny Morrison, Irish republican writer and activist. He is secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust.

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