The following recording is of an address given by Barghouti in February, 2013. In it he both explains and highlights the progress of the worldwide ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ (BDS) campaign against Israel.

I found particularly insightful Barghouti’s point that people who say that the BDS is anti-Semitic are themselves being anti-Semitic! His logic is as follows: By claiming that the BDS is a crime against all Jews he is equating the State of Israel with all Jewish people. By lumping together all Jewish people and claiming (falsely) that they are all the same in their political stance regarding the Jewish State he is making a racist slur. As he says, “only Nazis and Zionists believe that all Jews are the same”!

Omar Barghouti is a leading Palestinian activist and is a founding committee member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).

Father Dave


By now we’ve all heard about the film,  “Five Broken Cameras” – the engaging story of Palestinian cameraman, Emad Burnat, who documented 6 years of the Non-violent resistance movement in his village, Bil’in.

The film was screened for Israeli youth recently, and their responses were captured on video:  “Five Broken Cameras” screened to Israeli youth (08:46).  Your faith in humanity will be renewed by these young Jews.  It is recommended that you watch the video full screen, because you’ll need English subtitles.  See my note of thanks to Ann pasted below.

Peace, Roy

If you can’t see the video, click here.

If you’d like to watch an except from the documentary, ‘Five Broken Cameras’, click here.

Father Roy

Father Roy


There’s a story I tell every chance I get.  I would like everybody on the mailing list to know the origin of the thirty-five (35) words in the following paragraph.  I discovered them myself … my claim to fame …  back in the early 1980’s … buried (if I remember right) on page 16 of my Church’s monthly national magazine:  Episcopal Life.  The words were included in a letter written by the Rt. Rev. Edmond Browning to the Women of the Church in the Holy Land.  I was the Vicar at St. Elizabeth’s Church, San Diego at the time.  Bishop Browning was TEC’s Presiding Bishop with an office in New York City.  His wife, Patti, read the letter at a meeting because the PB’s schedule had not permitted him to accompany her that trip.  Usually they traveled together.  Have you noticed?  Sometimes it takes a prolonged incubation period before truly prophetic words can take traction.

“As we Christians make our rightful claim to Jerusalem, we acknowledge that Muslims and Jews also have rightful claims to Jerusalem from their perspectives.  It is useless to argue about sovereignty in the Holy City.”

Peers,  I bid your prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem.  My personal prayer is that Muslims and Jews will be led to stretch and motivated to grow and eventually to make parallel claims and acknowledgements … parallel, i.e., to the Christian claim and acknowledgements … for God’s sake.  From my perspective, these few words summarize the most reasonable systematic plan for justice and world peace.  Does anybody have a better idea?  If so, please share.