The Day Roy Hayes Met Hanan Ashwari

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I’ll never forget the day I met Hanan.  We were in Ramallah at the time.  It was April 16, 2004.  I heard her speak with about 600 people who were in Jerusalem to attend Sabeel’s Fifth International Conference on Christian Zionism.  After Hanan and others spoke, I stood in a line to meet her for the first time.  I gave her one of my cards which is identical to today’s letterhead, and she gave me one of her smiles.  I told her I had read…: This Side of Peace.  I had my picture taken standing in solidarity with her.

We only got a chance to talk for a short time, less than a minute, because there were others waiting in line to speak to her.  But here is the way I will always remember my friend Hanan: Conversations with History: Palestinian Voice Hanan Ashrawi – YouTube (29:47).  That video was produced by the University of California at Berkley.

From my perspective, Peers, Hanan’s presence in New York this month will facilitate the peace process while the United Nations are meeting.  The paper trail is intact.

Note: Those Peers who are new to the mailing list may not know that MIFTAH was founded by Hanan Ashrawi in 1998



Palestine Vote Approaches: Israel in Crisis with surrounding countries. –…

Egyptian protesters stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo on September 9-10, tearing down the security wall, throwing documents out of the window and taking down the Israeli flag. The incident, the second in a month, prompted Israel’s ambassador and his family to flee back to Israel and the latter’s relationship with Egypt to hit yet another bump. On September 9, around 500 protesters gathered outside the embassy and lit tires and cars before throwing stones at the embassy and finally breaking in.

“This action shows the state of anger and frustration young Egyptian revolutionaries feel against Israel especially after the recent Israeli attacks on the Egyptian borders that led to the killing of Egyptian soldiers,” explained Egyptian political analyst Nabil Abdel Fattah.

A senior Israeli official denounced the attack on the embassy, calling it a “blow to peaceful relations.”…

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