The Global March to Jerusalem


Father Roy writes:  

Don’t be alarmed, but we can expect a bit of international excitement to erupt in the near future.  It’s possible that the Global March to Jerusalem … which is scheduled for March 30th … will develop amidst worldwide controversy.  

Let’s us civilized folks make preparations (within ourselves) to prevent the controversy from growing to the point that it does damage.  Let’s say our prayers and embark on a spiritual journey (or an educational experiment) with a specific purpose in mind.  Let’s try to figure out why Jerusalem is regarded as a "holy" city in Islam.  It’s key to the peace process that a critical mass of Christians and Jews understand at least that much between now and March 30th.  

GM2J’s website provides a few hints:  The Official Site for The Global March to Jerusalem.  We Westerners will need background information as we prepare.  Not to worry.  There’s a documentary on YouTube that will teach the average person … even the average college professor … even the average American teenager … all he or she needs to know and understand about Islam:  Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet – Part 1/12.  But don’t take my word for it, Peers.  See for yourself.

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