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What do y’all have to say about the information provided by the report pasted below?  Peers, let us not jump to conclusions.  Let us dig deeper and take all things into consideration.  Let’s go so far as to think outside the box (don’t be afraid).  Russia says the West is planning a “Libya solution” for Syria.  Is that true?  Perhaps Russia’s position, like ours, is politically motivated.  Syria wants Israel to return the Golan Heights.  Could it be that the tail is now wagging the dog to the extent that Washington and our ea$ily-per$uaded partners in Europe have something covert planned for Syria?  If so, the American people ought to know about it.

All of us are painfully aware that there are people in this country who promote wars.  Some of these people are quite articulate.  They can be quite seductive when they talk.  These people actually want wars because they profit from them.  We know who these people are.

My Allies and I have no intentions of allowing a Libya-like conflict break out in Syria.  We’re simply not going to permit it to happen.  Today’s cartoon will explain what I’m talking about in part.  All will become clear in due time.  The cartoon’s simple message will comprehend a reference to the postscript and to the concluding paragraph of the report pasted below (highlighted).



P.S.   Here’s a fact.  Israel occupies and has settled the Golan Heights which according to International Law belongs to Syria.  Here’s another fact.  Syria has been calling for a region free of nuclear weapons for years: Syria Calls for Nuclear Free Middle East. Syria and Iran are on friendly terms.  They both don’t want outside military forces in their region.  Peers, my Allies on AOL and I regard Syria’s President Assad as an honorable man with a lovely wife who finds himself in a predicament none would envy.  The Swarm has demonized Assad beyond recognition.  Let’s dig deeper.  There are a number of things about Middle Eastern cultures which Westerners, unfortunately, find difficult to understand.  The entire situation in Syria has been mis-represented in and by the media.  Read on to learn what Russia has to say about the matter.’

West Planning Libya Solution For Syria
Moscow slams Western draft resolution on Syria

By RIA Novosti

October 22, 2011 “RIA Novosti ” —  The Western draft resolution on Syria could provoke a Libyan scenario in the country, Russian Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.

He underscored that Russia is opposed to Syria sanctions.

“The Western resolution is fraught with the repetition of a Libyan scenario although its co-authors are trying to convince us otherwise,” he said.

The main problem with the document is that it lays the blame squarely at President Bashar Assad’s doorstep, which Lavrov described as a “one sided approach.”

On October 4, Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that urged the Syrian regime to immediately stop using violence against protesters or face “targeted measures.”

The draft resolution, sponsored by France with Britain, Germany and Portugal, was supported by nine of 15 Security Council members. Four others – Brazil, India, South Africa and Lebanon – abstained.

President Assad said in late August that Washington and its European partners were hindering the political changes that represent the only way out of Syria’s crisis.

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