TODAY’S NEWS: Jewish Settlers On The Rampage

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Note:  Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal under International Law.  An outpost is the beginnings of a new settlement.  Outposts in the oPt are illegal even under Israeli law.  Today Jewish settlers are angry about “rumors” that Israel’s government plans to dismantle them.  Dismantling outposts is one of the few “concessions” the Quartet has been able to persuade Benjamin Netanyahu to make.  The settlers find ways to return.  Settlers are now attacking Israeli soldiers.  Netanyahu fears civil war.  To add to his worries: Israeli settlers raid Jordan border and Hundreds of settlers attack Nablus village.   Peace, Roy

Click here: BBC News – West Bank settlers attack Israeli soldiers  (<—- activated link.  R)

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West Bank settlers attack Israeli soldiers

A woman and her child walk through the illegal settlement outpost of Ramat Gilad (2009) Settlement outposts are illegal under Israeli law, and Israel has agreed to remove them

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    Jewish settlers and activists angry with rumours of plans to dismante illegal settler outposts in the West Bank have clashed with Israeli troops.

    About 50 people broke into the Ephraim Brigade’s base near Qalqilya, setting tyres alight, throwing stones and damaging vehicles, the military said. (To continue reading, go to BBC’s website.  Activated link above.  R)

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