Vatican Envoy Praises Iran Plan for Syria

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From my humble (yet prayerful) perspective, Iran’s six-point plan for peace in Syria deserves international attention.  Notice how all the problems in the region are interconnected with the issue of Palestine.  

Peace, Roy 


Vatican Envoy Praises Iran Plan for Syria

Vatican’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Bishop Gabriel Caccia on Tuesday hailed Iran’s initiative to restore peace and tranquility to Syria, stressing that arming the militant groups in Syria is unacceptable anymore.

In a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Caccia expressed beliefs that dialogue and diplomacy together constitute the only option to put an end to the Syrian crisis.

For his part, Roknabadi reiterated Iran’s stances on the latest developments in the region and Lebanon, as well as Iran’s six-point plan on resolving crisis in Syria.

Highlighting Iran’s significant and constructive role in the region, the Vatican ambassador underlined the need for coordinated action among all local, regional and international parties to resolve the issue.

He said the Pope calls for promotion of dialogue and peace, adding that the international community never agrees to shipment of arms and financial support to the Syrian opposition groups.

“It is the Syrian people that should decide their fate through democratic means,” he said.

Referring to Zionists’ unpleasant situation, he pointed out that all problems in the region are interconnected with the issue of Palestine.

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