We are very sick of your biased and unprofessional coverage of the crisis in Syria

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In the complex political matrix covering Israel/Palestine, the USA, Iran and the rest of the Middle East, a great deal seems to depend on the future of Syria.

We in Australia keep hearing of the terrible excesses of the Assad regime, yet the media coverage seems to be enormously one-sided!

My friend, Jamal Daoud, has written the letter featured below to SBS TV Australia, highlighting the lack of professionalism in their media coverage of Syria. The letter is instructive.

We are very sick of your biased and unprofessional coverage of the crisis in Syria

Dear Sir/Madam

Let me get straight to the point: We are very sick of your biased and unprofessional coverage of the crisis in Syria. For the last few months you chose to take side in the conflict, instead of neutrally and professionally report and document on the crisis there.

I will give you very clear examples, that I doubt you will find any logical explanation to justify your biased unprofessional conduct.

In today’s coverage of the crisis, we noted:

1- You covered the rally in Jordan of people opposing Assad regime. You failed to report  the rally yesterday to support the Assad regime in the same place outside Syrian embassy in Jordan capital, Amman.

2- You showed the rally organised by mainly Lebanese extreme groups opposing Assad regime (and falsely described it as Syrians Australians opposing Assad regime), while you failed to cover the rally last Thursday of mainly Syrians in support of Assad regime.

3- You showed “unverified” clips posted on Facebook against Assad regime, when you failed in the last 10 months to show any “unverified” clips posted by supporters of Assad regime.

4- How did you verify that the armed militia members in Zabadani are in fact Syrian army “deserter” and not criminals who were armed by USA, Israel and Qatar?

5- The report mentioned that it is the first time that the criminals described by the BBC journalist as “heroes” to control any part of Syrian town or city. This is not true. The criminals in fact controlled and still control small parts of small towns. They controlled the village of Jiser Al Shghour, where they spread death and destruction before army interfered and kicked them out to Turkey. They also still in control of several neighbourhoods in Homs, like Baba Amro. They also controlled at some stage wide areas of city of Hama before army interference and kick them out. The control of small part of city does not mean that they have the support of local people or that the regime is very weak. We remember when gangs and drunk people controlled several neighbourhoods in Sydney during the “Cronulla riots” period. This did not mean that the gangs had the support of local communities. Nor did it mean that Australian regime is very weak on the brink of collapse.

We hope that SBS could take further steps to make their coverage more professional and neutral. We will lodge complaint to ACMA on this account.


Jamal Daoud

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