Who’s next after Iraq? Syria? Iran?

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Note:  Dan’s mailing today puts one in mind of a video:  The Plan — according to General Wesley Clark (01:39).  In other interviews General Clark refers to the Neoconservative Movement (NEOCONs) and names names.  You and I can name names:  Chaney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearle, the pundits at FOX News, etc., etc.  Scroll down on this page and you’ll find a List of Signatories to the PNAC.  International Bankers always find lucrative ways to get involved in wars.  One of the things my Allies in the N.E.M. and I are learning from Fr. Dave from Australia is how to fight without getting angry (FWGA).   Peace, Roy


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Imperial Funding Priorities in Iraq:

u.s. tax money for u.s. embassy white elephant :  $ 6.5 BILLION

u.s. tax money for military sales : . . . . . . . . . . :   $ 10 BILLION

u.s. tax money for Iraqi Refugee Program : . . . . $ 300 Million

            – Dan


excerpt :

And for those still pondering who won the war in Iraq, it seems we now have a clue: US defense contractors.


US Defense Contractors Win Iraq War

Peter Van Buren
December 5, 2011

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Good news for troubled times– the US is going to drop $6.5 billion keeping the World’s Largest Embassy (c), our palace along the Tigris River in Baghdad, warm and cozy. Plus, we’ll thrown in some refugee support!

“We are standing up an embassy to carry out a $6.5 billion program, when you throw in the refugee programs as well as the actual State Department budget for 2012, of assistance in support for Iraq on a very broad variety of security and non-security issues,” US Ambassadorial tool James Jeffrey told reporters.

“The direct budget, operating and assistance (to Iraq), was $6.2 billion,” Jeffrey said. There is also “a little less than $300 million that goes to refugee and displaced person programmes.”

“It doesn’t come directly onto the Iraq account… but we get a very significant part of that here, and it’s used by other agencies and activities for example in Jordan and Syria,” home of sizeable Iraqi refugee communities.

And for those still pondering who won the war in Iraq, it seems we now have a clue: US defense contractors.

Ambassador Jeffrey said that “We have about $8 billion, give or take some, of active (foreign military sales) cases with Iraq. That’s not counting the new one that just came out for the F-16s. That will send it up by a number of additional billions of dollars. This is one of the biggest programmes in the world.”

Not related in any way whatsoever, the World Bank had this to say about 2011 Iraq:

Iraqi living standards have two unusual characteristics. First, they have fallen over the past generation. Second, they feature surprisingly little inequality. These characteristics are both rooted in Iraq’s recent history of authoritarian government, war, military occupation, insurgency, and civil strife leading to infrastructure destruction and population displacement.

There have been few opportunities for individuals to prosper from professional or entrepreneurial activities. Decades of neglected investment have resulted in deterioration of social services and economic infrastructure. Consequently, individuals have lacked capabilities to prosper and an investment climate conducive to prosperity. School enrollment and life expectancy have declined. Extremely low returns to education reflect the combination of poor educational quality and lack of employment opportunities. In terms of economic infrastructure, access to reliable electricity and water, and even access to paved roads are low, are further reflections of decades of neglect.

And that my friends is the sound of freedom.


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