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Former reporter shot at in Gaza

The Age/Emma Young/13.4.2024 Another ‘accident’ – I think not – Israel has continued with their ‘shoot to kill’ policy on innocents – Mark An Australian former reporter for this masthead, now working for the United Nations Children’s Fund, is lucky to be alive after being shot at in Gaza. Tess Ingram, who worked for the Australian Financial Review’s Perth bureau and then this masthead before moving to New York to work for the United Nations in 2022, was in a UNICEF vehicle waiting to enter the

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‘We will harm them’: Israel says it is prepared for wider conflict amid Iran attack fears

The Age/James Mackenzie and Nidal al-Mughrabi/12.4.2024 Israel is not just prepared it wants a wider conflict to try to get the worlds population back on their side – an ever growing population who can see what a murderous illegal Government Israel has become – Mark Jerusalem/Cairo: Israel is keeping up its war in Gaza but is also preparing for scenarios in other areas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, amid concern that Iran was preparing to strike Israel in response to the killing of senior Iranian commanders.

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Israeli commander in fatal strike on aid workers a settler who wanted to block humanitarian supplies into Gaza/Paul Nuki, Lilia Sebouai and Samuel Lovett/April 12, 2024

And we are supposed to believe this murdering of innocent aid workers was an accident – even totally biased supporters of this illegal genocide must see the claims of the Government are all lies – just as everything they say is – Mark The most senior IDF commander dismissed for his role in the drone strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza is a settler who signed an open letter in January calling for the territory to be deprived of aid, it can be revealed.

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Please read and sign the following petition that condemns an extremist Christian zionist initiative calling for the removal of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, replacing them with the Third Temple.  This is an old Christian zionist project being recycled by extremist Jewish and CHristian zionist organizations, many based in the United States and Jerusalem.  Please spread this petition far and wide as anyone can sign it and utilize the petition as a means of educating educating people about the dangers of these violent and extreme projects that will only inspire more violence in an already lethal crisis in Gaza, E. Jerusalem and the West Bank. 


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‘We need to build the pathway’: Wong steps up debate on Palestinian statehood

The Age/ David Crowe and Matthew Knott/9.4.2024 — 8.30pm Whilst the two state solution is dead any efforts to challenge the evil that refuses to allow Palestinian statehood is welcome – Mark Foreign Minister Penny Wong has cleared the ground for a pivotal debate on the conflict in the Middle East by suggesting Australia could recognise a Palestinian state without waiting for years of talks with Israel over a two-state solution. Setting out a new case on a highly sensitive global question, Wong said Palestinian statehood

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Israeli police demolish longtime prisoner Walid Daqqa’s funeral tent and detain mourners

Israeli police attacked mourners attending the funeral of Walid Daqqa, who died after spending 38 years in Israeli jails, and arrested five people. London 09 April, 2024 Absolutely inhumane but sadly consistent behaviour by this criminal Government – Mark Israeli forces have cracked down on mourners going to attend the funeral of 62-year-old Palestinian intellectual Walid Daqqa, who died of terminal cancer in Israeli custody on Sunday. Daqqa, who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in December 2022, after earlier being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015, was a prominent

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Killing aid workers: Australia’s muddled policy on Israel

April 5, 2024 at 5:00 pm The Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, was distraught and testy.  It seemed that, on this occasion, Israel had gone too far.  Not too far in killing over 32,000 Palestinians in Gaza, a staggering percentage of them being children.  Not too far in terms of using starvation as a weapon of war.  Not too far in bringing attention to the International Court of Justice that its actions are potentially genocidal. Israel had overstepped in doing something it has done previously to

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At last, the West awakens to Israel’s fighting

The Age & Sydney Morning Herald | Ben Saul | 9 April 2024 How can anybody believe a single word that comes from the mouths of the Government of Israel – bravo to Australia for standing up to something that EVERY nation should be doing – Mark Israel’s swift investigation into the killings of seven aid workers by Israeli forces in Gaza has rightly not satisfied the victims’ families, their employer World Central Kitchen, or the Australian government.The Israeli investigation has admitted the killings were a

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