Netanyahu dismisses election calls as thousands protest in Tel Aviv

God, have mercy on the people of Gaza

Palestinian Christians in Australia

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Labor MP Josh Wilson decries lack of ceasefire in Gaza amid ‘unconscionable suffering’

Daniel Hurst Well done Josh – I wonder if anybody from Dutton’s lot will listen – Mark The Labor MP Josh Wilson described Israel’s bombardment of Gaza as “unconscionable” in a speech shortly before question time. Wilson, a backbencher, said it was “heartbreaking to learn this morning that the prospect of a ceasefire in the awful war in Gaza will not proceed at this time”, referring to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of the terms of a potential deal proposed by Hamas. Wilson said this “means more than

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Israeli forces kill, confiscate body of 14-year-old Palestinian boy near Jerusalem

Ramallah, February 5, 2024—Israeli forces shot and killed a 14-year-old Palestinian boy east of Jerusalem earlier today.  Looks like a committed terrorist doesn’t he!!!!! How on earth do these Israeli’s sleep at night??? – Mark Wadea Shadi Sa’d Elayan, 14, was shot by Israeli forces around 12:30 p.m. on February 5 near the illegal Israeli settlement Ma’ale Adumim, east of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International – Palestine. Wadea allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier

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Criticism of Israel is not antisemitism

The Age | Sarah Schwartz & Max Elliott Kaiser | 6 February 2024 Those with the loudest voices do not speak for all Jews. I have many Jewish friends and contacts who believe that Israel has been engaged with genocide on the Palestinians for 75 years plus and that the latest action is merely an extension of this – they are brave because they also receive the targeted hatred by those who support this evil Government – God bless them. Mark Today, talk about antisemitism

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US sanctions on Israeli settlers have sparked accusations of antisemitism — and cracked open a long-running international debate

ABC | John Lyons | 6 February 2024 Settlers have been using illegal tactics for many years with support and approval by the USA and the UK – the only reason for Biden calling them out now is because he needs the Arab vote in the election – wouldn’t surprise me if the 4 people were warned in advance. Let’s also not forget that Netanyahu and his colleague shave been arming the settlers for years to allow their murderous activities – Mark Settlers: It’s a

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Sabeel Wave of Prayer

5 February 2024 On the 30th of January, Israeli forces disguised as medical staff and civilians shot and killed three Palestinians who were allegedly connected to Hamas inside a hospital in the city of Jenin. The killings were carried out by undercover operatives while the men were sleeping at Ibn Sina Hospital according to statements issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Israeli army. Since the 7th of October, Jenin and other cities in the West Bank experience daily raids by Israel. Ÿ

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Hope for Gaza

I’m keen to share the following article by my friend, Dr Chandra Muzaffar. It’s one of the only words of hope that I’ve heard in response to the verdict of the International Criminal Court’s in their case against Israel.

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PM backs latest strikes on Houthis

The Age/David Crowe/5.2.2024 Why oh why is Albanese now joining the USA and the UK in starting World War 3 – the aim of Israel for some time to deflect attention from their own genocide. If only these leaders would work for peace in such a hard way – Mark Australia has backed the United States over its missile strikes against militias backed by Iran in the wake of a drone attack that killed three American troops and wounded dozens of others in Jordan last

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