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Israel approves Rafah attack amid ceasefire talks

The Age & Sydney Morning Herald / Reuters| Bassam Masoud | 17 March 2024 More smoke and mirrors from Netanyahu – pretend to be interested in peace talks whilst murdering more innocents – Mark Israel has approved a potential assault on the Gazan city of Rafah while also keeping ceasefire hopes alive with plans to send another delegation to Qatar for talks on a possible hostage deal with Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said he had approved a plan to attack the city on

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Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas expected to restart, Egyptian officials say

ABC / AP | 17 March 2024 Please God get both of these passionate governments to find a peace that stops the killing of innocents and brings freedom from occupation – Mark Stalled talks aimed at securing a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas are expected to restart in earnest in Qatar as soon as Sunday, according to Egyptian officials. The talks would mark the first time both Israeli officials and Hamas leaders joined the indirect negotiations since the start of the Muslim holy

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Israel is starving Gaza

By Israel attacking known humanitarian sites, such as food centers, schools and clinics, the IDF is declaring that there is nowhere safe in Gaza, or in southern Gaza, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed all civilians to gather for safety.

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‘Accessory to Genocide in Gaza’ – Australian Prime Minister Referred to ICC

92-page document, endorsed by more than 100 Australian lawyers and barristers, has been submitted to the International Criminal Court accusing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of “complicity” in Israel’s genocidal attack on the Gaza Strip.  A team of Australian lawyers has referred the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to the International Criminal Court “as an accessory to genocide in Gaza”. In a statement on Tuesday, Birchgrove Legal, which filed the case, said the referral makes him “the first leader of a Western nation to be referred to

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There is no healthcare system left in Gaza

Before becoming one of the world’s foremost journalists and commentators on international affairs, Chris Hedges was ordained as a Minister in the Presbyterian Church. Apparently, they didn’t have a posting for him in the warzone where he wanted to work. As ever, he offers us the truths that none of us want to hear and that the powerful do not want to be spoken. God bless you, brother, for forcing us to see the horrors of Gaza. Dave The Silence of the Damned There is no

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Joe Biden praises US senate leader speech criticising Netanyahu

The Australian/AFP/16.3.2024 Again the irony of berating Netanyahu and his government whilst supplying the guns, bombs and ammunition to continue the war – only the ignorant Americans and Brits could do this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark US President Joe Biden praised a speech by the US Senate leader urging new elections in Israel, saying many Americans shared concerns about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza war. The call by Democratic Senate majority chief Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking elected Jewish American in history, was the most strident rebuke

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Australia to resume funding for UN aid agency

The Age/ David Crowe and Olivia Ireland/15.3.2024 On the one hand Australia Government start funding again whilst cancelling visa’s for the very same people – the irony seems not to be experienced by them!!! Mark Australia will restore a $6 million funding pledge to the peak United Nations body that helps the Palestinian people in Gaza after a seven-week suspension due to claims that some of the agency’s staff took part in the Hamas terrorist attack on Israeli civilians last October. Foreign Minister Penny Wong said

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Power and protest: Why Muslim leaders have left the table

The Age/Chip Le Grand/16.3.2024 Being a Muslim and supporting Palestinians has never been harder – God bless them all – Mark Dismayed by horrific scenes in Gaza and political equivocation towards Israel, Muslim leaders are disengaging from government and shunning multi-faith forums. There are two tables in two different parts of Melbourne which tell the story of what the war in Gaza – the most socially corrosive conflict Australia has experienced since Vietnam – is doing to Australia’s Muslim leadership and the communities they represent. The

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Benjamin Netanyahu threatens ‘dramatic confrontation’ with Joe Biden

The Australian/13.3.2024 Another smoke and mirrors statement – Netanyahu does not care what any President or Prime Minister thinks nor does he care what normal humanitarian people think – his whole focus is on murder, genocide and Apartheid and staying in power so that his own illegal actions cannot go before a court – Mark Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted furiously to a US intelligence assessment that warns the Israeli Prime Minister’s hold on office “may be in jeopardy” warning of a “public and dramatic” confrontation with

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