Chaos as Israeli forces storm hospital

The Age/ James Mackenzie/17.2.2024

Its not possible that even Israel Soldiers think these sick and dying children are terrorists – how can murder be so legal in the minds of the Western leaders – Mark

JERUSALEM: Israeli forces raided the biggest functioning hospital in Gaza as footage showed chaos, shouting and gunfire in dark corridors filled with dust and smoke.
Israel’s military called the raid on Nasser Hospital in the southern city of Khan Younis ‘‘precise and limited’’ and said it was based on information that Hamas militants were hiding and had kept hostages in the facility and that some bodies of captives were possibly there.
It said it carried out an airstrike that killed a Hamas commander who had participated in the October 7 attack.
He had also held captive a female Israeli soldier who was executed by Hamas, the military said.
Hamas called that lies.
Health authorities in the Hamasrun Palestinian enclave said Israel had forced out displaced people and families of medical staff sheltering in Nasser Hospital. Some 2000 Palestinians arrived in the southern border city of Rafah overnight while others pushed north to Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, they said.
This chapter of the Israel-Palestinian war began on October 7 when Hamas sent fighters into Israel, killing 1200 people, mostly civilians, and seizing 253 hostages according to Israeli tallies.
Israel’s air and ground offensive has since devastated the Gaza Strip, killing 28,663 people, also mostly civilian, according to health authorities, and forcing nearly all its more than 2 million inhabitants from their homes.
Separately, medical officials said an Israeli strike killed three Palestinians in a car in Gaza City.

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